welcome to my little piece of the world, I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again soon.

Monday, February 25, 2008

That was my first big post hope you all like it and thank you to Dolly for helping me..Please leave a comment so I now if its ok,,,thanks goodnight

I made this matchbox for Adrienne for a Love Matchbox swap for swap-bot,,and she loved it

this is for my friend Hollie who I met through the Sweet Goodness Swap..She likes to knit and lives in Germany

swap went wrong

this is a replacement gift for a swap that went wrong,,I sent off my swap in good faith and many hours of making it just right only to recieve nothing in return so the host sent me a replacement of her lovely cupcakes only to be let down again because she did'nt pack them right and they were smashed to pieces.I leant my lesson there...

The quickie swap for swap-bot
The Jens and Cheryl Valentines Secret Admirers Swap,,I sent this to Ginny at Twinkle Pink

Love matchbox I got


This is Cheeky my new little chicken,,her mum didn't want her so its up to me now,,The only thing that drives me nutty is she always cherping and never stops..SHE IS SO CUTE.Feeding her is like feeding one of us,,,,,,every couple of hours,,,,So not alot of sleep happening at this house..


hi I have just started doing some swaps with swap-bot, its amazing how many things one can swap..Its thanks to Dolly who pointed me in the direction cause I was too late for hers and she gave me to swap-bot..I'm loving it and I have made some new friends too..I'm in the middle of doing a swap with Bella-Enchanted and my swap ladies name is Kelly.She likes the same kind of things that I do so this should be fun...
Bought some pretty material while I was at Spotlight,,Can you see the cherry one thats for my new blog friend Dolly..Wait till you see what I made her for a thank you gift for helping me with my blog...see ya Glenda

I wrap it before I took a photo,,I made the little Angel and painted the rest


my first go at making paper dress for a swap on swap-bot
Road home,,the fields are fill of fresh new weeds but these weeds flower and make the fields look pretty

paddack near my home (taken while driving )

road home

hello to you all in blog world,,,how cool is that,,,I went to Tamworth to go to Spotlight last week to have a look at Easter decs and was shattered to be told that the Smartys branch was closing and moving into the Spotlight store..The good thing about it everything was on SPECIAL and WOW I sure got some bargins....It takes 1 hour to get there so I thought I would show you my road home

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Now here she is asleep yaaaaaaaaaa
here is my girl.Isn't she beautiful.She is eating a plate of mashed potato,,,And loving it
Had a sleepless night last night.We have alot of chooks and sometimes mums are not always good mums so I'm looking after my new little chook not sure if boy or girl..Name d her Cheeky.,and like all babies they need lots of feeds..Also looking after new piglet Rosey.Its great fun watching the funny little things they do..Not getting much craft done.In the middle of some swaps for swap-bot, which I'm loving .Hope to have some pictures soon to show,just have to work out how to get them through.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm here for good

hi guys guess what this is my first post and I couldn't of done it without the help of Dolly....Thank you very much....I'm so excited to join the blog world..