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Sunday, October 31, 2010

 Happy Halloween to all who celebrate it.,

have a great time and talk soon., love from Glenda  xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Kitchen.
this is my kitchen, always a bit messy but pretty lovely really, except for the colour. Since having all the rain from our leaky roof our kitchen turned from a beautiful kitchen into a wreck, 1 cupboard  fell off the wall from the wet so I decided to fix it up and give it a coat of paint.,
Now since I was able to paint it I did it in the colours I like. pink, blue, and white.
I wanted a farmhouse look, you now like the paint is coming off and years old.
My hubby was not impressed by my design and colour choice but hay its my kitchen and I am the one who cooks, cleans in it so it up to me.,lol
This photo below is what it looked like before I started, and I hate the colour brown.

Brown,brown and more brown, yes there are lovely cupboards but yuk;

 Here is the start of the colour, pink, blue and white.
 Next was the walls and window sills.
 this is a really damaged wall where a cupboard use to be until it got so rotten with water that it fell of the wall leaving holes everywhere,. Also done my arm in with wire, blood everywhere.
 With pink walls now.
 opposite side of kitchen.

 This is my table and chairs, it too was brown and I Remember paying alot of money for it. Now I love it and is worth million $ to me.I also will be recovering the seats of the chairs in a crazy patchwork of pretty fabrics in the colours of what else but pink, blue and white,.
 I had so many chairs and none to match so I ended up with two different ones but I still think its ok.
My hubby is still in shock and our friend ask me when was I going to put the top coat on.Another said it looked 100 years old and when I  said it took alot to get it that way the look on there face was priceless.,lol

Hope you like my kitchen, me I LOVE it, next week we will go buy the floor covering so I am hoping to be able to match it all together and I am changing the light for one I am making which will post  as soon as its finished.I have really enjoyed doing my kitchen and reading all the blogs about Shabby Chic have given me so   much to work with.My bedroom is next.,lol
 Thanks for coming and good night don't let the bed bugs bites,. Until next time sweet dreams and good night love ya all Glenda xoxoxoxo