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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chook Pen Tour.

Just one thing before I start, we call chickens Chooks over here in Oz land, just incase you didn't know what chooks were,.
 Welcome to my Coop tour and party or as we say here a Trip around the Chook Pen;
Come with me and Heidi cause
I would like welcome you all to my chook pen and my chooks.
 I have quite a good range of chooks, the best one is a rooster named Cheeky. When he hatched his mum didn't want him so me being me picked him up and started caring for him and yes you guessed it he is King Dick now and thinks he owns the place.
He has fathered a lot of little chicks but the boys gang up on him and tried to do him in so we had to make a cage just for him. He is too old now and his sons are the men of the roost.
Cheeky lived inside for many months until now and he hates being just one of the chooks like the rest of them.lol
I have always loved chooks and when I was a little girl Mum and Dad had chooks and it was my job to feed them and to collect the eggs, I was scared of them for a lot of years cause they use to fly at me and try to land on my head and I remember running out of the yard yelling with my arms flapping around my head trying to protect my ears.
I  look but now and worder what all the fuse was about, if only I had of walked right in and took the eggs and took controll who knows what kind of person I would of grown into,.lol
Here are my Silkies, there are so fluffy and cute with all there pretty white feathers and the male has beautiful blue feathers on and around his face.,


And here he is our beautiful Cheeky; King of the chooks.
Isn't he so handsome, well the girls think he is. He has been replaced now and my ladies all have toy boys,.lol

Here he is with 1 wife and his first lot of babies.,

So cuteeeeeeeeee
Cheeky when only a chick
These are baby ducklings, they are only a few minuets to hour old
You can see the little one that just broke through his shell


I hope you enjoyed my Chook Tour. Go and visit all the other cholo lovers on there tours,.I had lots of other chooks but sadly  the foxes got them and this is all we have left, I have wised up since then, have better cages  and have only lost a couple that flew the coup. Some of my bantams live in the trees so the foxes cant get them.,
Hope you have fun ., don't let the bedbugs bite and until next time love ya's    Glenda  xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where I create or make a mess.lol,.,.,.
Here are some photos of where I do my craft and my painting, also my computer lives here too,.
I have 2 rooms, 1 is my paint room and is full of paint, wood,tin and everything that one day I will paint on,. you know you just have to have it cause you can and one you will do something with, well that's my paint room,.
This is my best at Easter time getting baskets ready for the family. No where to paint but it has been clean since then,.

This photo is some of my craft books, I have 100s of mags and books. Some are painting mags that have never been used and some are craft mags that have never been used but I just had to have them,.lol
Beads and bits
This shelf has lots of my little bits and pieces as well as my Broncos clock that my brother made for me. It has my little dolly's, angels,bears and lots of other bits,.
Here is my
poor tragic
computer table, yes there is
a computer screen somewhere there, also I have my scrap booking stuff like papers, tags, stamps you name it it is there,even my cuppa.
I do everything crafty on this table I don't know how but I get it all done. The thing I hate most about my desk is trying to find it before I start a new craft and I just cleaned it to make a baby rattle for a friend from a duck egg.,

This is my painting table. at the moment I am trying to get some things painted for my etsy. All things pink as you can see.
Its only a small desk but it works very well when I get stuck into it and when its clean it works better.


Here is my shelves for fabric, this is only a small part of my fabrics, I am making a queen size quilt cover out of 5x5 inch fabric pieces and most of them come from old pillow cases.
It will look great when I get it finished or even started might be better,.lol
Here are some of my painting mags, I really have stacks and stacks of them.
I have painting mags from all over the world. I love to paint and have painted on everything from wood,plastic,toilet bowl,walls,leather,paper and anything I find,.
wow I hope you have enjoyed looking at my craft rooms,as you can tell I have lots of stuff or as my hubby calls it JUNK but 1 day I will use it all,I know I will. lol
Thank you for joining me in the Where Bloggers Create.
don't let the bedbugs bite and thank you for coming,. love ya all love from Glenda  xoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yes I won it,, yahhhhhhh
I won these beautiful goodies from the lovely Cassandra from Artful adventures
Look at this beautiful fake cupcake and a cake-box too,.



Here is the Cake box I won, its all fake but it just looks so good to eat,.
So yummy


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Good night and don't let the bedbugs bite, thanks for coming and love yahs
love yah Glenda  xoxoxoxoxoxo