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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sneak Peak
I will be added some new items to my etsy
I hope you like them and take a look.
 Firstly with Autumn only a couple weeks away I have decorated this  pretty goose egg with a cute little owl. It has lots of handmade bread dough flowers around her. It is painted in beautiful Autumn colours,.

 a close up of the little owl
  beautiful vintage frame fits 2 photos
 Beautiful old vintage swan.
 Another egg, but with a difference. She is half doll and under her skirt is an egg. Inside the egg is a little room which has a pair of pretty shoes, a small table full of gems and lots more.

 My new peg dollies are ready for a new home too,.
 Each dolly is different and all dresses and hats have been crochet.

for all the prices,and information about my items please go to my etsy. free gift with every item sold,.
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Friday, February 11, 2011

My Kittens,.
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I wanted to show you some photos of my beautiful cat Maw MAW, She is the tabby sleeping with Mary and Mick.
I love my cats and Maw Maw had 2 kittens, but then she was bitten by a brown snake and died
so I had to feed then with a eye dropper. It was really hard and waking up every 4 hours to feed them. I know how a mum feels.lol.

 Here is Sally playing with the little bear I gave to them for company and warmth.
This was all new to me I never had to look after a baby animal before,.
 Here is Sally and Lilly, I still cant tell them apart but their know their names.
 This is way they sleep, its an old tyre. there is 3 kittens in the tyre, Sally , Lilly and a little kitten for my friend,.

 Playing in a plastic bag. I have bought them a bunch of toys to play with but oh no just give them a plastic bag and they play all day,.
 Lilly in my friends pocket, aughhhhhhhhhhhhh
 Here they are with my new chicken. The 3 of them keep each other warm, but the kittens keep standing and laying on poor little chick,
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Look before for photo of it,.
thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy looking at my little kittens. love ya all Glenda