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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vintage Blog party,
Vintage can come to you in all kinds of things from cloths to folks and wheels to motor bikes,.Just depending on what you are working on and with.,
I love vintage picture and lace
Go check out my photos of vintage stuff. Hope you enjoy.,

Something to cook with

 Something to wear

 Such beautiful china roses
 How cute are these Barbie dolls. Did you have one when you were little, I did and still do.,
 Pretty plates
 Who wouldn't want to get married in these dresses,I wouldn;t know which one to pick.,

 Look at these awesome summer pictures.
 love my piggies.
 Even vintage motor bikes, my hubby has a 1975 Norton which is vintage.

 Vintage kitchen
 I painted this vintage flour sifter.

 hope you like my vintage display, they are not all mine,.Hop along to Sonia and have alot at all the other ladies who are in the Vintage Blog Party,.
good night and dont let the bed bugs bite, love you all and come again,.love Glenda   xoxoxoxoxo

Saturday, September 25, 2010

sonia has put out a new mag and is having a Vintage blog party., go check her out., mine vintage stuff will be up tomorrow,.love ya Glenda   xoxoxox.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A few months ago I was going to join in with a Bloggerette Sorority over at Karen's from some days are diamonds blog.,She gave everyone a photo of the blog sisters  and we had to make it pretty,. This is what I did with mine,. I glued it to a canvas and painted the background pink and white., I than added some lace around the photo than pom poms,.
I then made these pretty fabric roses and fabric flowers.,I have been making these great looking fabric flowers for awhile now and love making them,.

On the bottom I added a tea stain flowers with a pearl centre.,  I didn't get it made in time so I missed out on the blog party but still wanted to show you all,. If you pop over to Karen's blog you will be able to see more.,.

I have been busy making fabric flowers and pretty cuffs using vintage lace.,here is a cuff that I made for a swap, I love these cuffs, they are so romantic and pretty, I used vintage lace and a hand made vintage  lace flower,.The flower and lace were my great nanas,.

I am loving all the new fabric flowers and roses on the net that you can make, I am having such fun learning and making them.,These flowers  were made from vintage lace and then I stiffen them and was able to form a pretty flower.,I added a bead to the center.

These flowers are made with layers of fabric, and sewn together to form a rose flower., I had made quiet a few flowers and added them to hair clips, necklaces, headbands, brooches and lots of other things but you will have to check out my etsy to see the all,.

Look at these roll roses,. I love making these and if you want I can show you how to make them, just let me know,.

These ones are different again.I had to sew these on the sewing machine, but they were very easy to make and can be attached to anything,.

Flower cuff for sale on my etsy.
Another flower cuff,.
This one is a headband,.
This is a brooch
Quite a few different bands, headbands, brooches, hair clips using the fabric flowers.
this is what I started with to make my fabric silk flowers,.
hope you like my flowers that I have been making and please stop by Karen's blog and my etsy for a look.,
 thanks for coming and dont let the bed bugs bite and until next time love ya
Glenda   xoxoxoxoxoxo

Friday, September 17, 2010

Canola Fields,.
A couple post ago I showed you the beautiful Canola fields at Werris  Creek, well look at them now, with a bit of rain and sunshine its almost ready for picking/.,.I wish I could show you from a helicopter it is so amazing, Words cant explain the yellow in each flower head,.

Within a few weeks it will be all picked and back to the brown dirt look,.
thanks for coming, still working out my giveaway so don't forget to come back and check it out,.don't let the bedbugs bite and until next time sleep tight,.love you all Glenda,. xoxoxoxo