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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hiya, its been awhile since I have posted anything.Sorry about that and I hope you have all missed me,.
This photo is of me when I was little, and the doll I am holding I still have, she only has one leg cause I remember me, my brother and our little friend were playing in Dads shed and I was giving the boys a hair cut when some how I cut the power cord which caught the shed on fire burning my dolls leg off and burning the walls in the shed. I don't think we got burnt but there are some photos of us with half a head of hair,.
My Dad saved my Dollie and she has been with me ever since,.

 I made her this beautiful outfit, which includes a bra, and undies, petticoat.
 She turned out so lovely, and I haven't crochet in a long time and I think she turn out quiet lovely.The little set of pearls is an old clip-on earring.
 I made a hate and added some flowers and a mauve feather.Also I added some little flowers on her dress.,
 I gave her to a lady to make an outfit for her many years ago and her husband took her eyes out and than glued them back in and now she looks like she is starring at you.,
I love her to bits and really happy that I finally got around to dressing her,
Have a good weekend and thanks for coming, luv ya all,.  Glenda