welcome to my little piece of the world, I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again soon.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I have had my penfriend Gloria for about 15 years,we met through a pen pal list in a craft mag and started writing and still are.She makes the most amazing crafts and loves teddies,, Angels,. dolls and plaster work but I don't think there is a craft she hasn't tried. She hasn't had the easiest of life,losing a daughter and having troubles with depression for the whole time we have been writing.She made me these little Angels and the white one I call Gloria,everything is hand sewn or hand painted..
They are so beautiful.She is very clever indeed.
This is the back of my new Angel that Gloria made for me, see how everything is finished of so well.Such a beautiful piece of work for a lady you can barely get out of bed some days because of her illness. This is my little Cupcake Angel my sister gave to me for my birthday,,isn't she sooo cute..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Glitter Graphics

http://www.glittergraphicsnow.com/angel.html">Angel Glitter Pictures

New day new photos...
Here is mother chook and her babies and hubby Henry.she had 6 this time but 1 died and has chickens all the time.They are so cute and fluffy. and here she is our little white one and our little speckle one.I hope they are both girls so they can breed themselves..They will make beautiful mums...
Here is Dad and another female,She has had a few chicks herself..We are getting quiet a collection of chooks now and we just made another pen ready for the next lot..Hope to start selling some soon..
This is Teddy,I'm not sure what breed he is but the people who owned him couldn't keep him so we took him,,His legs are almost as long as his body, he is a funny little thing and loves his cuddles and the heater.
Rainbow time again...Is this not the most beautiful thing you have seen today..I love a rainbow.I am going to paint my bedroom in rainbow colours and I think it will look lovely and when I add all my pretty things it will look great,although I'm not sure what hubby will think..

Here is our old dog Bill.. He is almost deaf and having trouble seeing and walking but he is such a lovable old hound..

Well who is this could it be Miss Rosey...Look at the nose--o are you taking to me. She got out of her pen the other day and spent most of it running a muck around the yard.When we got home she came running up to the car with great excitement to let us know that she was out,mind you by then me and hubby had almost had heart attacks.She had pushed the wire fence over and walked out.

WHO ME!!!!!!!!

-10 it is and this is ice not snow..The whole paddock was covered in ice, the plants just snap off and so do the flowers that's why I have none.If you stood out there long enough you would freeze and snap off too.

Can you read this. I didn't believe hubby when he said it was that cold but here it is -9 degrees and it has been colder.Far too cold for me to be up that early.
Ice cold

hope you have enjoyed yourself and I will catch up with you soon. Next time I will be adding some of my Roses that I have been painting and a few other things I have been doing, so keep looking cause I'll be back

lova ya Glenda

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OUR NEW CAR =========FORD POWER EAT YOUR HEART OUT..... This is our new car we just bought,,one minute its looks green the next its blue...Cool ha
Has a bench seat and can carry 6 people,Has all round sound,,power sterring,, Air con.I have never driven a car with power sterring before its a bit scary.
It also has power sterring and I have never drove a car with power sterring and its got Air con,,a special locking system,,how but I'm in a ford again yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Will have to take it to Tamworth tomorrow for a test run., its a very fast car and with only 6 points left I will have to be carefull..Its not me its my foot and the calling from the shops that make me go fast..you know..

The two dogs like it but not sure about the cat Mick..

Bench seat, haven't seen one of these for awhile. Glenn use to own a ute With a bench seat but they are not that common any more.
FORD POWER RULES ha Dan;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Here we go off to Beijing to bring home the Medals yaaaaaaaaa;;I hope all our Aussies have a great and a safe games..
The rings over the Harbour bridge back in 2000...o what a year that was...
Our beautiful kangaroo
Our mighty flag

The Rings of the games

Our Flag and our very own Koala bear..
and our beautiful Kangaroo..We rock Australia, go go go

Our Flag for the our Aboriginals.

More from Australia. we have a great nation with many beautiful icons.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tea Party...
Thank you to everyone who came to my Tea Party and I hope you all had fun I know I did.. Thank you Shannon Sharon, Shelby and my friend MaryAnne.
see ya, Glenda