welcome to my little piece of the world, I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again soon.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tiny Tim

our new horse Tiny Tim..He is a Mimiature American horse..The people we bought him from were going to sell him for dog meat and we couldn't have that so we bought him home..Isn't he cute.

bad luck

I took Ashey home and picked up my brother Gary and Summar my niece for them to visit..It rained all the way down there and back but not 1 drop landed here.Gary couldn't get over how dry it is here,everything is brown and dead...He had a great time while here and helped me do a few chores around this place..
We also bought a Miniature American horse,, his name is Tiny Tim he is so cute and only 30 inches tall..
Also while Gary was here my stove caught on fire and cooked itself,,it was very frightening thank goodness we got it out but now I dont have a stove or oven..I'm cooking on a camp oven and microwave oven..We all had fun it was like camping..Rosey was amused by everything going on and chased Gary and Summar around the yard..It was so funny to watch and the more we laugh the more she chased them..
I just got a phone call from Ashley poor Cheeky just ate a spider she is fine but Ashley was horrified. I think all the spoiling Ashley has been given Cheeky how dare she eat a common spider..We have new photos on flickr for you to look at.
Have been during some cool crafts lately will show you when I get photos.

I'm back

Also during the week my sisters husband lost his job.They have just moved into their new house and the kids have just started a new school..They were homeless for 5 months because of the June floods which wiped out their home and she had to live in a caravan until new house was build..She became very depressed and I was so worried for her.Now this..
Some good news Ashley start her new jobs tomorrow looking after the elderly. Teaching them fun and crafts she is really looking forward to it..
Its getting cold now.I had to dig out some winter woolies..Started the fire tonight and it feels so good to be warm even though I cant stand the summer I love the feel of the warm fire..
Have been doing some new crafts so when I get some phots I will post them..
cheers Glenda


some of our chooks and ducks,,Here is Elvis a migthy fine Rooster,,you can ask him he will tell you.Hanging out with our 2 ducks and the rest of our bantams...The rest of our chooks are babies and are tuck away in another pen.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


hi guys,,well I have to take Ashley home tomorrow she was going to get the train home today but she wants to take Cheeky home with her and you cant take a ckichen on the train so I have to drive her,..
I dont mind the 3 hour drive I will pick up my brother and niece they can stay for a couple of days.,and there is the shops I will just have to visit I can hear them calling my name so I cant let them down.
I am going to miss Cheeky but I know the kids will look after her and they will have so much fun with her..
I will talk to you all later.. love Glenda

Thursday, April 10, 2008

what a day

off we went to Tamworth this morning at 8.00..Glenn did not get up in a good mood so that wasn't the way I wanted to leave considering its a hours drive..Secondly Ashley fell in a pot hole on the road and hurt her ankle so that slowed us down,,Then next a lady driver came within an inch of running in to us she did not look in her mirror and almost reversed into us everyone was yelling at her but she was in another world,Then we went to the op shop where a bedhead fell down on top of a little girl and she was hurt pretty bad and it made me angry cause all the ladies working there blamed the little girl,,her mother took her to hospital..I couldn't get any good craft stuff so all round it was not a great day,When we got home I had to check river bank to see what damage the cattle from next door are doing and you guess it who fell down the creek bank ripped skin off arm blood everywhere and my poor niece not knowing weather to laugh or cry tried to help..Ripped skin off bum and all that fat didn't do a darn thing to help,,So I'm going to bed now just in case anything else happens..love from me

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Banner Swap

here is the made banner I made for Sonya in the Celebrate Banner Swap for GaGa Garlands...Its made first Banner so i hope it right. It was alot of fun making it so I hope Sonya will like it..
This is the first time I've had the computer today and see the time..I had to drag Ashley away so I could check my emails...
love ya,,me

Monday, April 7, 2008


I have put some new photos on my flickr for you to have a look at...have fun


My beautiful 19 year old niece has come for a visit,,She has had enough of city life for a couple of weeks. She came up on the train which took 3 hours, to me its an adventure but to her why cant you come and get me Gennie which she calls me and has since little,,Mind you $100 in petrol is a good answer..I love her to bits. At the moment I'm teaching her to make cards so that I get a go on the computer..If she had her way she would eat,,sleep and breath on the computer..Tomorrow we have to start making a new chicken pen so she will have to get her hands dirty and o my goodness not the hands..Or by the time she does the hair and the make up the day is half over,,she is a good girl and I love her dearly,,She will look after me and uncle when we get old and she comes to help me when Glenn is having a MS attack..She wants to get a job helping older people to have fun by doing crafts and playing games so I hope she will enjoy it..
We are going to our first chicken sale on Saturday.We will be selling off some of our chickens to buy some more but this time I want to get some Silky bantams,,they are beautiful frilly little things,,,Ash is still crafting away so I will take this time to look at some other blogs,,before she realises that I have finished writing..love from me


My brother found these on a clean up and sent them to me,,They are punches all sorts,,,There are flowers,,sun,,dolphine,,car,,house,,bird,,,stacks of them,,Cant wait to get started using them..



Wow has'nt Cheeky gone,,She has gotten so big in the last 2 weeks..She is big enough to start picking on Teddy..The two of run around nipping at each others feet..Cassie's too prim to run around after anything let alone chase a chook..She even eats dog food so instead of feeding two dogs there is also a chook and Roesy the pig who likes dog food.

Gum trees

these are our beautiful flowering gums,,It hasn't rain for such a long time yet our trees can still put on a beautiful display...

flowering gum trees