welcome to my little piece of the world, I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again soon.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bunnies,Bears, Birdies, and all things Easter.
I just added these items to my Etsy for Easter. There are little birds and bunnies and bears and eggs.

 This pretty tea cup has the cutest little bird sitting on her next, around her is her eggs and flowers and is very spring.

Here is my Easter basket. I made this basket using rope and fabric alot of tine getting it perfect, then inside I added lots of Easter goodies.Bunny, eggs, birdies, little cute chickens and more.,

These felt ornaments can be hung on your Easter tree, I have beaded them with lots of beads and sequins.

These are my Bunnies that I made, a big one and a little one.
 This is not Easter theme but would make a great gift
 and no calories,lol,  this little bear sits on a shelf but it is also a place to hang your keys, or ribbon, or necklaces or even tea towels for your kitchen. She is so adorable.
Little Easter Egg, [wooden].  I have added this beautiful little Angel and around her I have painted pretty Rosebuds.
 This one too.
 Easter Basket full of awesome Easter goodies.
I hope you will drop by my Etsy and take a look and who knows you might like something.,Until next time thanks for coming and have an awesome week,
love ya,s Glenda,.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxooxxxoooxo

Saturday, March 19, 2011

These are so cute I had to show you

be back later with some more; love glenda

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

 Thank goodness
its Autumn, no more stinking hot hot weather.
I love Autumn with all its beautiful colours in the garden. the trees dropping their leaves and all the red,yellow, orange leaves.
I always loved spring with the warm days but as I got older the heat is just to hot for me and after Spring comes Summer and I am not a Summer person anymore.I still love all the new growth and the new babies born in Spring. But love Autumn more now.,

I love pumpkins, look at these little cuties.

The best thing today was it rained and we got 10ml. It hasn't rain for such a long time and it went as quick as it came.,10ml is not alot but its more than we have had. We lost one of the chickens when it feel down a crack in the ground.It was ok but I had never seen anything like it before., We have no grass and no feed for the animals, so we are buying it., We have 3 acres and no green stuff anywhere.
thanks for coming love you all.,  Glenda xoxoxoxoxoxxo