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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My beautiful gown on the greatest day of my life..I was only 19 years old and not a grey hair in sight.I got my beautiful gown from my Aunty Vi.She also made my dolls to go in the car. Me and my man,We had only known each other for a couple of months and we decided it was time to get married.We had the big white wedding with all the trimmings,,sit down meals,speeches from different members of the family..Opening the gifts.Our Bridal dance was Ant Music by Adam Ant Glenns folks were not happy about our choose in music but it was a hit with the rest of us.It was a great night had by all.
my wedding party.Glenn,me,Robyn,Erol,Kim,Micheal,My sister Deb and Justin. Wow look at the dresses and the gloves..Glenn had to have a hair cut just for the day, his Mum wouldn't let him get married until he did.Mum got her wish but he has not had too many since.
Look at my beautiful girls,I remember paying $35 each for the dresses and the flowers were $8.The dresses had a little lightweight jacket incase it got too cold..

Monday, May 26, 2008

help I still haven't worked out what I did wrong with my blog,,Still cant click onto anything


I have just had some work done to my kitchen which I will show later but I had to clean out some of my cupboards and we all know what a great job that is (not ).I found some beautiful things that I thought I gave away or lost years ago..I cleaned them all up and now you can see them too..I have left them out so now I can see them too..Pretty little things..

We have been married 27 years on Friday and I will post some photos for you to see.One thing can someone tell me where my body went too;;I think I lost it along the way.Glenn looks the same,why is it that us girls lose our body more than the man..I think i know where I left mine but its a long trip back o find it
see ya soon love Glenda
and wow how pretty is this little jug,this one belong to my G Grandma
Another pretty bowl I found

Isn't this beautiful and so delicate,not sure where i got this from but I love it

found these 2 little saucers as well

Show and tell

my pretty little Daisy cup I found hidden in back of cupboard


I made these dolly peg dolls about 25 years ago when I first found these pegs in a little old shop in Wee Waa.As you can tell I have improved alot and my material has changed alot over the years too.
The fancy dress ones I made for my Christmas tree one year.I love making dolls of all kinds and out of anything I can get my hands on,,its a great and forfulling hobby....
Hope you like looking..
love from Glenda

these are my newest peg dollies that I have made..They are alot different to my first ones

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Please help,as you can see I have made a new blog but it has a problem I cant click onto anything..I dont know what I did wrong but I cant click onto my flickr or my profile nothing..Can someone please help me work out what I did wrong..thank you love Glenda



Monday, May 19, 2008

hi everyone..I hope you like my new blog Me and my brother Darrel made it or should I say I watched while Darrel did everything..
He came up for a visit so I could met his girlfriend and what a great lady she is but she doesn't do any crafts.I don't think I have ever met anyone who doesn't do crafts.If she hangs around me long enough she will be doing something..
Have worked out camera so should have some new photos soon.
love from Glenda

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wow it has rained here for the first time in months.

Photos of puddles to prove is does rain.Its been such a long

time since it rained I forgot what it looked like..We need

heaps more please..

see ya Glenda

Rosey's day of beauty treatments

I love mud,its good for the wrinkles

Who needs a bath;;;;; not me
Only a face a mother could love

so tied dad

how pretty

how pretty are these pictures I find in an old book

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


hi guys,,I'm in a swap with Shannon called Parasols and Paper
it should be good fun..I cant wait to see who my partner is..
love Glenda

Friday, May 2, 2008


here are some new things that I have just finished painting..My two money boxes which have been blank for years and my little heart tin all with primitives designs..My teapot I cut in half and painted it and stuck to a piece of wood to keep my pens in..Also I did a material swap with a lovely Kathlene,,I needed some different material for my niece..She has Downs and I want to make some quick and easy crafts for her school to raise money also I making a little quilt from the squares I got from Kathlene..In return I send some boy material for her little chat and a Bob and Wendy so i hope he will like it and I didn't for mum I sent her a gift bag and one of my Angels I designed and made from wood and paint with her very own saying on it..
Better Homes and Garden on tonight and Country v City in football so see ya love Glenda