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Monday, March 31, 2008


I have sign up for a swap with gaga for garlands and my partner is Sonya,,I'm new to all this and i'm so excited about making a banner for her,,Its really cool how everyone comes together for these swaps,,I would like to ask a question,,,I have been looking and loving all the beautiful blogs and my question is do you all know each other personally or through your blog pages because as I read all my fab blogs I'm starting to feel at home like I'm getting to know some of you..So are you all best mates and or bests blogs mates....Thats one reason I really love my blog and I'm just starting to get use to me writing on it and feeling good about getting to know some of you in blog world,,I hope I'm doing this right,,,good night love from me
One of my little chooks is not well..I wish she could understand that I am trying to help her not hurt her,,I spent half of the day running around the chook pen trying to catch her,,,still didn't get her will try again tomorrow,,My other chook Cheeky is doing fine and growing quiet fast and Rosey my pig one would not know it was the same pig she has doubled in size already,,This time next month she wont fit in her house,,,I post pictures tomorrow,

a big bright G for Glenda,,you know that I was named after a street in Waratah in Newcastle where my mum went into labour,How lucky was I the hospital was just around the corner,,cool ha

Friday, March 28, 2008

boy another weekend is here,,how quickly is this year going.Before long it will be Mothers day,,We will have to start thinking about what to get her for mothers day.My Mum pass away 13 years ago this year and when she first died my little niece let her balloon go and it flew away up into the heavens she was so upset that I told her that Nany would catch it and tie it to her bed post in heaven so every Mother we get a balloon and let it go and Nany ties it to her bed post in Heaven,,she must have stacks by now and my niece Ashley is 19 now and she still lets all her balloons go to Nany in Heaven..
I'm glad everyone had a lovely Easter....Go to my flickr and have a look at what I have added and I will have more to add soon...good night sleep tight dont let the bedbugs bite love from me

an Easter page swap with 9 people..Each lady makes a page and swaps,,so each book has 10 pretty pages..This was a swap-bot swap

this is my beautiful Easter swap gift from Kelly for the Bella Enchanted Easter swap..a cute little birdhouse with bling,a basket fill of bath goodies and A lolly pop which is yummy,,,so much for the diet I started ,,,when,,,,,,a great gift thank you Kelly
my first go at painting saltbox houses

I made all of these,,my little angels are what I love making the most,,sell lots of these..The birdhouses are just some of what I have made and painted,,this was before I get hooked on Glitter now they are sparkled and painted..

I painted these

Sunday, March 23, 2008

hi guys I hope every one had a great Easter and a safe one. Did anyone find any cheap petrol over the last couple of days..I know I didn't.We had a quiet Easter just us and the animals but I did get some painting done and will be able to show you all in the next couple of days..I have been making Dolly a lovely thank you gift for helping me get my blog up and running so I will post that on Tuesday,,,I hope she will like it...I found this great picture site called Smilebox wow its really cool as you can tell ..Below... cool ha..have a good holiday tomorrow...love from Glenda
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

new tags I have made
happy cupcake tags

happy Easter tags

Monday, March 17, 2008

happy easter

happy Easter everyone

My Easter tree is covered with little eggs which I have painted or covered with pretty paper...Also my tin and Easter pot I painted..I like to fill the pot up with easter eggs for visiters when they come


my pretty little eggs I made and covered with glitter


happy Easter to you all in blog land
my beautiful little animals are doing just fine so are all my other animals I have,,Over Easter we have to build a new chook house cause we have so many chickens coming along they are out growing the pen...

cheeky the chichen

here is Cheeky,she too is getting bigger,,cant you tell

look at me I can look over the gate now..She is becoming a big girl now


Here is my sweet Rosey,,she is growing realy fast

Friday, March 14, 2008

footy is back yaaaaaaa its that time of the year again,,,Friday night is a great night for FOOTBALL.....

paper dresses

these are the dresses I made for Julie,,Cathy and Michelle,, It was my first go at making them.I think they turned out well

paper dresses

I got these two dresses from Alice and Lore.. How pretty are they..

paper dresses

this is one of the dresses i got from Lisa from swap-bot


footy is back yaaaaaaa

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My little Angel

my Mum gave me this doll over20 years ago so I turned her into an Angel..She is just like my Mum she is an Angel too now..I just love her to bits

my first swap

This is my first swap..We will be making Pretty Pillow Boxes..They are great to put things in and can be given for any reason..Pretty decorated boxes..This swap is for Australian and New Zealand ladies only which will keep the postage low so make sure you fill them up..I'm really excited about it so come on join up...

Eggs that I have made
Here are just a few of the eggs I have made..All the eggs I have cut out myself using my trusty Dremal. I try to make the bits that go into my eggs.I put satin inside for the walls or sometimes I use glitter..They take along time to make but are worth it in the long run.They are very beautiful to look at and to think they all started from the chook pen..

my teddy bear egg which is an Ostrich egg,,Inside the bears belly is some little teddies having a picnic..

this is my owl egg made from a goose egg. The flowers are made from bread dough and shaped into roses which I then painted to match egg

This egg is a goose which I made into a jewel box..It is covered in tiny pink beads and gold mesh at the front..