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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas to you all, Sorry I am late but just got back from Newcastle after spending Christmas with my family,.,. I had the best time in a long long time,.

Love you all and hope you all had a great holiday. love Glenda xoxoxoxoo

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My new mag
 I got my new mag and it is soooooooooo beautiful and has so many pretty things to look at,.Sonia has made this book with the help of some very clever ladies, Go over and have a look at her blog and order yourself a book.,
Mine is my Christmas gift from me and I was worried that I wouldn't get it for Christmas,. but its here in time., love aussie post,.,.

It has some great ideas and beautiful pictures to look at.,
love you all,,, thanks for coming love Glenda   xoxoxoxoxo

Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas.
I cant believe that this time next week I will be with my family and enjoying Christmas near the Lake.,
I will be going to do some shopping once I get into the city, Glenn will be visiting mates and later eating out and looking at Christmas lights,.
Hoping it wont be to hot this year.
I still have things to do and things to make and I love every bit of it and I know i will be sad when its all over.It it such great fun making and doing Christmas, I have a million things that I want to make for my tree and my family and friends but always run out of time, this year with Glenn being in and out of hospital with his MS means a lot of things didn't get made,,, but there is always next year and I have been saying that for years.

 this is my tree this year and the walls have all been painted which means that the lounge room and kitchen are all fixed from the rain damage of 2 years ago,.Yes it took that long for the insurance to help, they would only do lounge and as you all know I did the kitchen.,
 Some of my little villages, one day I will get to add some more bits to them to make them prettier.

 some of my Angels, I have a lovely collection of Angels, One can never have too many Angels to watch over us,.
 snowmen and snowladies,  santas

 Christmas in the aussie bush.

 I have always loved snow people and hopefully one day I will get to make a real one at Christmas time, maybe New York City sounds good or really anywhere the snow is falling. Just one white Christmas before I head off to Heaven,.
Merry Christmas my sweeties. don't let the bed bugs bite and until next time see ya and love ya all,.,.,.Glenda   xoxoxoxoxoo

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Here is my beautiful shoes that I made for Cassandra for her Mes Belles Chaussures Blog party.

 Here is what I started with, just a plain pair of wedding shoes that I bought from the op shop for $2.

 This is the first one. I covered it with lace and more lace, then I added pink beads and a pretty bunch of flowers to the top of the shoe.
 This is a close up of the rose and rose bub that I put on the top of my shoe.

 My second shoe I did in light bluey green and added pretty blue flowers and blue beads.
 I also added blue lace around the top of the shoe.

 Here are them together. I am going to fill up one of the shoes with lots of great bits n pieces and give it away.
If you would like a chance to win one of my shoes please leave a comment and on the 20th of Dec I will pick a winner.You get to pick which one you want and if you put my giveaway on your blog so your friends can join in I will give you an extra chance to win.. Good luck to you all and thanks for coming,.,.
good night and dont forget to join in in my giveaway. love ya all Glenda xoxoxoxoxo
Cassandra  from myartfuladventures is hosting this beautiful event, Mes Belles Chaussures Blog Party where you get to make and show off your pretty shoes.
Firstly I would like to show you some of the shoes I like.
 These gum boots is what I wear most of the time cause I live on a farm and there is no room for pretty shoes.

 These boots are mine, they are very comfy to wear and I live in them day and night.Not to pretty to wear out to tea and after having these on all day my feet are so flat that its hard to fit into a sexy pair of high heels,.lol
 These also are what I like to wear, so comfy,.,..,

 Now look at these how beautiful. I couldn't wear these if my life depended on it,. Check the size of the heels.
 Pretty paper shoes
 Look at these big mummas, I don't think I could of worn these when I was young and cheeky, not my colouring anyway..
 Look at these pretty altered paper shoes, all colours and styles

 look at this heel how can anyone walk in this shoe,.,.lol but it is soo pretty,

hope you like some of the shoes I like. Tomorrow I will show you the shoes that I made.I so love them and it was my first time at making them and had so much fun,.,. I am sure they wont be my last pair,,. goodnight and don't let the bedbugs bite,,.thanks for coming and love ya's all,. love from Glenda   xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Remember my kitchen that I painted and fixed up after the rain damaged it,.over at  Whitney's  blog she is having another I made it without my hubby post. This is what I made without my hubby, My hubby is very handy with lots of different trades but he is the boss always with a big B which makes it not so comfy working together, so its sometimes easier to do it my way which means I have to do it myself,.And heaven help me if I need help, I wouldn't ask for any reason.  lol...
My kitchen is great I love it all. Still waiting on lino for floor but I got my new light up and connected.,

 Here is how my light started out.. I found it on the side of the road in a old wet box.Me being me I had to bring it home.It was ugly and it was brown and I just spent a week getting rid of all traces of brown from my kitchen so it was not going to be hanging in my pretty pink and blue kitchen.,.,

 I pulled it all apart very carefully,.,.
 Here it is looking very naked.
 I had to put all the pieces in 5 different bowls so none of the pieces got missed up.,,.

 Here is the finished light, all painted and primed and hanging gracefully in my beautiful kitchen,.,. I loveeeee it so much. The light man who came to put it in couldn't understand why I had such a light, ha but what would he know he doesn't cook!!!!

 I went to spotlight, big w and k mart to get all the  beads and gems to decorate it with.It took awhile to get it just right and then I had to glue everything in place, It seem to take ages but it was worth it,..,

 Isn't it pretty and it puts out heaps of light too.,I would never of thought about putting this kind of light in my kitchen but wow I am sooooooooo glad I did,.,.and all without my hubby yahhhhhhhhhhhhh such a clever little vegemite I am,..

Go take a look at all the other clever ladies on                   blog,.
Thanks for coming and hope you enjoy.,,.Love you all and don't let the bed bugs bite.. good night and come again soon,.,.love yas. Glenda   xoxoxoxoxooxo