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Friday, May 29, 2009

Its my 28th wedding anniversry tomorrow the 30th May,.wow 28 years.,

Lok at us we are so young I was only 19 when we got married,We were married at St Kevins church in Cardiff, I had 2 bridesmaid and Deb my sister was my flower girl and Justin Glenn's nephew was our page boy,.Glenn had 2 Grooms men.It wasn't a big wedding but it was a fun one,.Here we are signing the license - no turning back now,.lol

So young

Pretty special effects

Look at the dresses,they were the prettiest dresses in the shop and being blue I had to have them, my weding dress was all lace and had a busle in the bum and ringlets in my hair.,

My brother Darrel,Mum.Debra,Popy,Me and gary this is my family.My mum was very sick here,.

My bridesmaids and flower girl and page boy.

The men,.Glenn's mates and my Pop
sorry the photos are not great but they are old., I cant believe we have come this far we have been though so much in our married life,. earthquake, losing our babies, mum's sickness and dying losing my best friend Sharon, 4 floods, huge fires, and lots of family stuff some things would curl your hair but we are still here and still together and are happy,.thanks for looking love ya and good night Glenda xoxoxoxox

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness
I have always done crafts of some kind for years and have tried to keep up with all the new things that can be created. I also like to try making these new things and this is one that I have really loved making. This is a bag that I made from a bra.Cool hay. This is a pretty pink and I had added lots of pretty tiny black beads and a beaded fringe.I have also added a pretty lace bow at the top of it..It is big enough to hold your phone and keys and money purse and would look lovely on a night on the town and what a talking piece.

I have 2 here and the second one is a beautiful minty green and I have added lots of lace and lots of bling for that extra special look.Cool hey,.,.,..,

I have put these two on my Etsy for sale and with each one sold I will make a Donation to the Breast Cancer Awareness in lovely memory of my beautiful friends Sharon and Dawn and Shirley,.

I hope you take a look at my Etsy Shop where I am sure you will find something you like.I have really loved making these so keep watching for more.
Have a great night love yah Glenda xoxoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here is our Teddy,Ashley has given him a hair do and made him a blue Mohawk with food colouring.Poor Ted is a funny little dog and was given to us to keep.He has the cutest nature and loves cuddles and just running around having fun.He also loves to pick on the cat and between the to of them turn the house upside down.
Here is our cat Maw Maw she has just jumped through the kitchen window onto the sink. She is a cheeky little thing.She was living on the farm across the creek with 100 other cats and out of all those cats she came right up to us so we bought her home and she has been quiet happy even since.She has taken over the house and even the chook pen.We caught her today chasing the chooks around the chook pen which got Rosey all excited so she started to chase the chooks and the poor burgers were so worn out that they did nothing except sleep the rest of the day.

The cat had a peaceful day but the rest of the farm had a very full day.This is her day bed sitting on top of it by day and inside by night..

Here is Maw Maw with my little piggy that I was given by a lady in Swap-bot,I think she thinks its hers.She sleeps with it,bashes it up,throws it around and just chews on it.Wen I try to take it off her she growls at me.

I also lost my friend who I met on Swap-bot yesterday,she had cancer and MS but the cancer is what took her away from her family and her friends. We will all miss her and everything about her,,I am sending love and hugs to Frank and Cheryl's family.
R.I.P my Friend.I will always love you.
love ya all and thanks for coming, xoxoxoxoxox

Friday, May 1, 2009

Patchwork= crazy. I have never been able to cut a straight line when it come to material so I have never made a real patchwork quilt, you know the ones with all the perfect lines and shapes that go together.So I do crazy patchwork and I have been making some new things and I would like to show you my new and my old. These old jeans I haven't been able to fit into them for quiet awhile so when I tried them on and they fitted I decided to give them an update.I decided to do some crazy patchwork on them by adding different pieces of material to them. wow I was so happy with the way they look and even better how good my bum looked in them now that my bum has been found.

This is a little bag I made for my Etsy. Its big enough to hold keys, purse, phone.It has a crazy patchwork design on it and I have added other bits to make it look pretty. Its selling for $8.00.
This one has more colours on it with different coloured laces and lots of pretty bits and bobs on it too. Its small enough to be dainty and big enough to hold your keys, phone and money and comes with a long handle.

This one is quiet large.I made it to carry lots of stuff and it is made with patches of my prettiest material and I added bits and bobs all over it.I use it all the time.

This one was an old business bag that was thrown away, I loved the sharp of it and it stands up on its own.I took it home and covered it with material and buttons, etc. I use this bag alot and it holds heaps of stuff.

Hope one day I get to make a quilt using squares and triangles like other ladies do but for now I will keep making my crazy patchwork.. I have a few things on to go, I am making a queen size quilt cover out of pillow slips which I have been collecting for years so when it is finished I will show you.But for now I hope you enjoy looking at my patchwork.....
goodnight love ya Glenda xoxoxoxoxox