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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I have been TAG by my friend Dolly so here goes...
5 Things about me you didn't know.....
1== What was I doing 10 years ago=
ok We found out that Glenn had MS and spent months in and out of the hospital, We were making and selling crafts at all the big Craft shows and I almost died from a Gore stone that desided t ae a trip around my insides and got stuck in my bile duct which turned my yellow and started to shut down my system,after 1 month in hospital s aloud to come home.Not a good year for us.
2== 5 things on my "TO DO " List.
Paint my kitchen, spend more time crafting,find my pig Rosey a boyfriend, tidy my craft spots which are everywhere-but my craft is clean, make fences for new lambs.
3== Snacks I enjoy.
love cakes and anything with cream, popcorn, oysters and prawns, salty foods, homemade bread with real butter.yummy.
4== Things I would do if I were a Millionaire..
Buy an Orphanage for kids that need a home, buy my family a house each, give some to Charity, buy me a '57 2 door blue and white Chev convertible from the USA and take a trip down the mighty Mississippi river in a paddle boat and give some to all my friends and the homeless.
5== Five places I have lived.
I have only lived in Australia but have lived in Qld,,NSW and WA. Both in the city and the country.
Now I would like to TAG some blog friends like Julles Shannon Coll Jessi hope you have fun reading abit about me.

Its been a difficult week,Firstly my computer broke down and it had to go away for 2 days but I couldn't use the Internet for 5 days and I just bought myself a flat screen and its so big.This was my birthday gift to me..Hubby is having a MS attack and cannot walk real good so I have been helping him get around and now my back is killing me,I'm hoping this attack wont last too long other wise he will have to go to hospital and be pumped fill of steroids..This has happened a few times and the steroids make hin cranky and he cant sleep so then they give him sleeping pills and relaxing pills so then he doesn't know if he is Auther or Marther so to speak. Than he has to come off all of that and its not a happy time for either of us.
Some good news now our Rosey is looking for a boyfriend .Its nearly her time to be a mum and she is doing some funny things like the way she keeps rearranging her bed to make sure its just right. How cool will it be when she has littles ones..
Our chickens just had babies and they are so little and cute,I went a little to close for comfort the other day and she jumped on my head as a warning to get out.
Ok I think that will do so till next time be happy and enjoy.love ya s Glenda

Monday, June 9, 2008

My rain boots have come out of hiding since we had rain last week.Mud everywhere and dont I hate it.You stand to long and you start to sink and with black dirt it sticks to your shoes and by the time you have walked down the back and back again you have grown 10 foot tall.

I didn't paint these I bought them incase it rained and it did we got nearly 60 ml..Now everything is started to green up and Glenns wheat is lovely and green and growing..I might even start a garden again..If the heat doesn't kill everything the frost does so now we have buckets of water everyway we might be able to grow some flowers.
Look at Roesy how much has she grown,,she can have babies soon and I cant wait to have little grandpiggies running around everywhere.
I think I have my blog under controll now so I'm not touching anything anymore and hopefully I can post better too...
Good night,,,,love ya's Glenda

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Pasha storm which hit Newcastle a year ago this weekend was one of the biggest news story since the earthquake back in 1989.It is raining again in Newcastle and minor flooding has already started. At least this time there will be no Pasha riding the waves. Although I was not there that weekend all my family suffered at the hands of the storm.. Darrel had no power for a week,,Garys roof leak though onto Summars bed and trashed it,,Debra was safe but didn't get time to do food shopping and Coles at Wallsend was washed away and Ashley well she had the best time, she and her friend Ashley went to Glendale to see a movie and were trapped which meant she couldn't get out of the pictures so it was free coffees and movies all night untill a boat came and picked them so they could go home.The next day was so unreal houses and shops even towns were washed away.I have been in 3 country floods in Wee Waa and twice we lost everything like animals,trucks,cars,furniture but when you see a whole street like Wallsend under water it takes time for it to sink in.Even Warners Bay was hit hard with the high tide ending up on the road..
Lets keep fingers crossed that Newcastle and all its folk will be safe from too much water this weekend.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I love a good sunset

I have always love the sky and everything to do with it,,the clouds,, the sun,,the colours,,the stars.
It is such a beautiful thing to look at..I remember when I was little I always watched the weather report on TV and our weather man was Des Hart,he now lives in the Heavens that he once talked about.
These pictures were taken last week facing our home.It was such a beautiful sunset.
One more thing it is raining now,I can hear it on my roof...WOW rain boy it sounds great.Keep coming I dont mind spending a couple days inside cause its to wet to go outside.
Our Rosey doesn't like the rain,mind you she tips her water bath over to make mud but she doesn't like it hitting her on her head.
I have fix my blog but still having trouble with posting but I will get there at least now one can click onto things.
Thanks for taking the time to look and read,Now that we are back on track I can post more stuff..
Goodnight for now love Glenda.


how beautiful are these trees.The colours of Autumn all the reds,,yellow,,orange and browns.

Sunday, June 1, 2008