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Friday, April 13, 2012

Some of my pussy cats.
This is Lilly and Mike, they are in love and Lilly just had 6 beautiful kittens.
I was never allowed to have cats cause we live on a busy road when we lived in the city.
But now we live in the bush I started with 2 and yeah I know now I have about 20. I just cant get rid of them..

 We live on 3 acre of land and my cat sleeps in the sink.

 Cats everywhere.

 my bread box.

 my lunch box..

 my scrap container.

 this is Mary and her babies,she had 3 last time.

Its funny the places cats will sleep,they are all good cats and great at catching rats and mice
thanks for coming,.
love yaa all, Glenda        xoxoxoxoxoo