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Friday, March 28, 2008

boy another weekend is here,,how quickly is this year going.Before long it will be Mothers day,,We will have to start thinking about what to get her for mothers day.My Mum pass away 13 years ago this year and when she first died my little niece let her balloon go and it flew away up into the heavens she was so upset that I told her that Nany would catch it and tie it to her bed post in heaven so every Mother we get a balloon and let it go and Nany ties it to her bed post in Heaven,,she must have stacks by now and my niece Ashley is 19 now and she still lets all her balloons go to Nany in Heaven..
I'm glad everyone had a lovely Easter....Go to my flickr and have a look at what I have added and I will have more to add soon...good night sleep tight dont let the bedbugs bite love from me


love of yellow roses said...

what a lovely story and a great way to hold on to the memory of you mother.

Anonymous said...

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