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Monday, April 7, 2008


My beautiful 19 year old niece has come for a visit,,She has had enough of city life for a couple of weeks. She came up on the train which took 3 hours, to me its an adventure but to her why cant you come and get me Gennie which she calls me and has since little,,Mind you $100 in petrol is a good answer..I love her to bits. At the moment I'm teaching her to make cards so that I get a go on the computer..If she had her way she would eat,,sleep and breath on the computer..Tomorrow we have to start making a new chicken pen so she will have to get her hands dirty and o my goodness not the hands..Or by the time she does the hair and the make up the day is half over,,she is a good girl and I love her dearly,,She will look after me and uncle when we get old and she comes to help me when Glenn is having a MS attack..She wants to get a job helping older people to have fun by doing crafts and playing games so I hope she will enjoy it..
We are going to our first chicken sale on Saturday.We will be selling off some of our chickens to buy some more but this time I want to get some Silky bantams,,they are beautiful frilly little things,,,Ash is still crafting away so I will take this time to look at some other blogs,,before she realises that I have finished writing..love from me

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Dolly said...

Aw Cheecky is growing so fast!
Love the new pictures!

I have to fight my daughter for computer time too!
Good thing she works or I'd never be on line!

We plan to start our chicken coop addition this week if it does'nt rain! We are going to add on so we can get more chicks!
I can't wait!

have a fun visit with your niece!
Hugz, Dolly