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Monday, April 28, 2008

bad luck

I took Ashey home and picked up my brother Gary and Summar my niece for them to visit..It rained all the way down there and back but not 1 drop landed here.Gary couldn't get over how dry it is here,everything is brown and dead...He had a great time while here and helped me do a few chores around this place..
We also bought a Miniature American horse,, his name is Tiny Tim he is so cute and only 30 inches tall..
Also while Gary was here my stove caught on fire and cooked itself,,it was very frightening thank goodness we got it out but now I dont have a stove or oven..I'm cooking on a camp oven and microwave oven..We all had fun it was like camping..Rosey was amused by everything going on and chased Gary and Summar around the yard..It was so funny to watch and the more we laugh the more she chased them..
I just got a phone call from Ashley poor Cheeky just ate a spider she is fine but Ashley was horrified. I think all the spoiling Ashley has been given Cheeky how dare she eat a common spider..We have new photos on flickr for you to look at.
Have been during some cool crafts lately will show you when I get photos.

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