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Thursday, April 10, 2008

what a day

off we went to Tamworth this morning at 8.00..Glenn did not get up in a good mood so that wasn't the way I wanted to leave considering its a hours drive..Secondly Ashley fell in a pot hole on the road and hurt her ankle so that slowed us down,,Then next a lady driver came within an inch of running in to us she did not look in her mirror and almost reversed into us everyone was yelling at her but she was in another world,Then we went to the op shop where a bedhead fell down on top of a little girl and she was hurt pretty bad and it made me angry cause all the ladies working there blamed the little girl,,her mother took her to hospital..I couldn't get any good craft stuff so all round it was not a great day,When we got home I had to check river bank to see what damage the cattle from next door are doing and you guess it who fell down the creek bank ripped skin off arm blood everywhere and my poor niece not knowing weather to laugh or cry tried to help..Ripped skin off bum and all that fat didn't do a darn thing to help,,So I'm going to bed now just in case anything else happens..love from me

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