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Friday, May 2, 2008


here are some new things that I have just finished painting..My two money boxes which have been blank for years and my little heart tin all with primitives designs..My teapot I cut in half and painted it and stuck to a piece of wood to keep my pens in..Also I did a material swap with a lovely Kathlene,,I needed some different material for my niece..She has Downs and I want to make some quick and easy crafts for her school to raise money also I making a little quilt from the squares I got from Kathlene..In return I send some boy material for her little chat and a Bob and Wendy so i hope he will like it and I didn't for mum I sent her a gift bag and one of my Angels I designed and made from wood and paint with her very own saying on it..
Better Homes and Garden on tonight and Country v City in football so see ya love Glenda

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eggsquisit said...

Hello Glenda,
I just signed up to add a blog to my web site, a new one I am still working on and haven't published yet and I run across your blog. You are an egg artist too, wow! I have 2 members in my egg artistry yahoo group who are from down under like you. Would like you respond back because we have the same hobby.