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Monday, June 2, 2008

I love a good sunset

I have always love the sky and everything to do with it,,the clouds,, the sun,,the colours,,the stars.
It is such a beautiful thing to look at..I remember when I was little I always watched the weather report on TV and our weather man was Des Hart,he now lives in the Heavens that he once talked about.
These pictures were taken last week facing our home.It was such a beautiful sunset.
One more thing it is raining now,I can hear it on my roof...WOW rain boy it sounds great.Keep coming I dont mind spending a couple days inside cause its to wet to go outside.
Our Rosey doesn't like the rain,mind you she tips her water bath over to make mud but she doesn't like it hitting her on her head.
I have fix my blog but still having trouble with posting but I will get there at least now one can click onto things.
Thanks for taking the time to look and read,Now that we are back on track I can post more stuff..
Goodnight for now love Glenda.



Hi Glenda, glad you are up & running again. Lovely pics, it all looks very pretty. Shannon says she still can't click on your blog to leave a comment, so maybe something is still wrong.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Sharon Ellery said...

Hi Glenda,

Have mailed you a package of goodies for the Paper and Parasol Swap. Hope that you enjoy them, and the rain :-)