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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is for you Mum -- 30-7-1995.
If teardrops were a stair way and memories a lane, I'd climb right up to Heaven and bring you back again..love ya mum:::::;;
WELCOME EVERYONE to my Tea Party..yaaaaaa
firstly May I welcome all who come and I hope you will have fun.
Let us take a look at some of my beauiful Teapots that I have.
These two once belong to my G Grandmother.
How about this isn't it so pretty..
I have a little poem for you...
I cannot sit and chat with you,the way I'd like to do. So brew yourself a cup of Tea,I'll think of you, you think of me.
Did you have one of these to drink your Tea from when you were little.I still have it..

The tiniest little teaset I own.I found these on a clean up and was so excited that I had to come straight home which is not me cause I'm out for hours when a clean up s on.
Found this one too
and this one
why would anyone few these away,I'm glad they did cause now they are mine..

These are little cups that my Mum saved for me for when I got older,I can use them now..
Do you remember this..
Polly put the kettle on,
the kettle on,
the kettle on,
Polly put the kettle on and we will all have Tea::::
I want to thank all the ladies who joined me at my Tea Party and I hope we all had fun and are sitting enjoying a lovely cup of Tea with a scone or bickie, Tim Tam or whatever your yummy thing is.

Tomorrow night I will post the names of the lovely ladies who joined me tonight. I will also be sending a little thank you gift for helping me with my first blog party. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Anonymous said...

Hello Glenda. Shannon send me your way :) I love and collect china too. You have a very beautiful collection!! Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Ellery said...

Lovely tea party. Thanks for sharing. I had a great time :-)


Dolly said...

Hi Glenda,
Love all your tea treasures!
Sorry I did'nt get a chance to post mine!
Maybe next time!

Give Miss Rosey a hug from me! She has grown so much!


Shelbez said...

Hey i like the tea party, thanxs for sharing (just what my mum said) sharon

bye Glenda (:

love shelby oooo <3 (:

Jules said...

aww i love that stairway saying
made me cry been three years fdor my daad this sunday.Love them teasets ow could they bear ti throw them except that you got to catch them isnt life weird and
sometimes a little wonderful.