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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OUR NEW CAR =========FORD POWER EAT YOUR HEART OUT..... This is our new car we just bought,,one minute its looks green the next its blue...Cool ha
Has a bench seat and can carry 6 people,Has all round sound,,power sterring,, Air con.I have never driven a car with power sterring before its a bit scary.
It also has power sterring and I have never drove a car with power sterring and its got Air con,,a special locking system,,how but I'm in a ford again yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Will have to take it to Tamworth tomorrow for a test run., its a very fast car and with only 6 points left I will have to be carefull..Its not me its my foot and the calling from the shops that make me go fast..you know..

The two dogs like it but not sure about the cat Mick..

Bench seat, haven't seen one of these for awhile. Glenn use to own a ute With a bench seat but they are not that common any more.
FORD POWER RULES ha Dan;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Shelbez said...

Hey Glenda,

oh and yes we did get snow we axshally went to the snow i went down a big hill will my friends and yes it was frezing i was cold like ice.

well bye

love shelby ooo

Jules said...

Cool car 6 points ugh you must have more police in the country.I have been driving for 28 years and have never lost a point,how lucky that there were no police when i did all the dumb things hehe
Bill looks like a sweetie and how cold has this winter been im so over it.(shame it isnt over me yet)