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Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas is Coming:......

Next year I will be starting my own Web Site to start SELLING some of my Beautiful Handpainted Pieces to you So I would like to show you a few things here and now..This is just a taste of things to come.
I have been Painting for many years and have sold my pieces around the world and have traveled around Australia doing Craft Fairs for many years.My last Market was a stall at Parklea Markets in Sydney and Morriset Markets just out of Newcastle.I have always done quiet well so this is where its time for my own site.I hope you enjoy looking at my pieces and you can purchase any or all of what you see.

Here is one of many different large WELCOME SIGNS and it is for sale for $25.00 plus postage.

I have a huge range of Beautiful Handpainted ANGELS and DOLLS that I HAVE DESIGNED MYSELF. Prices start at $12.00 and go up to $20.00 plus postage.

My HANGING ANGEL, she will hang from anywhere, comes in your colour or mine..$14.00 plus postage.

Always losing your messureing spoons well now you wont because they will hang on your Beautiful Lady just waiting to be used..Priced at $20.00 plus postage

I will have lots of ITEMS so you wont lose your KEYS no matter how many KEYS you have.Prices start at $12.00 up to $20.00 plus postage.

Have a SEWING ROOM well now you can put a sign on your door.Prices start at $12.00 and go up depending of size.

Some of my BEAUTIFUL ANGELS and DOLLS.. All have a lovely little sign and make a beautiful GIFT for someone you love..

Our Childrens range caters for every kid on the block, Including Thomas Bob etc..Here is our PENCIL SIGN and our SCHOOL PICTURE HANGER priced at $15.00 for the PENCIL BOX and $ 13.00 for Hanger plus postage.

Here are our DOOR SIGNS and DOOR HANGERS which hang over the door knob,,NAMES can be added as well oor have just the name.Prices are $ 12.00 each plus postage.

Here I have turned 2 little tins into 2 little TREASURE TINS all painted with a pretty beaded handle and comes with a lid.Perfect for any little girls treasures..Pried at $12.00 each plus postage.

Here are my SIGNS which are great for adding to a stocking and or giving to that person you have trouble buying for.I have many sayings to pick from, Prices start at $6.00 plus postage.

Everything is made by me and handpainted and is something to give with PRIDE.If you have any questions or would like to buy something you can EMAIL ME and i will get back to you..I will be adding different items for you to BUY up untill I get my Site going so I hope you will enjoy looking and buying some of my BEAUTIFUL WORK....

Here are some more SIGNS for you to look at.Prices start from $6.00 and go up.

These are the same as above. I have many sayings to choose from and for every event that happens..

Good night
love ya;;


Jules said...

Love all your christmas things you are very clever,them treasure tins are the cutest and i love your snowman angel so cute !

renee said...

Glenda these are beautiful!!

Have you thought about taking them around to gift stores? I sell some things to different shops and they sell them again for a slightly higher price. You can also sell things on consignment at some shops, where they place it at the shop and they get 40% of every sale, for example.

You're really talented - I think you should give it a try!!
I wish I could buy some of these off you, they're so cute - my apartment is too small for any more stuff though!

rachael said...

Hi Glenda! Just stopping by to leave a comment on your awesome site. I love all of the little things you have for sale, and since I already have your email I might have to email you about buying one (or many :-D) of your signs (if you don't mind, that is). They're so cute!

Rachael from swap-bot
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