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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Decorating the House......................

Here are some of my decorations that i have painted and made.I try to make alot of my decorations and love it..These little houses I didn't make but the other stuff I did. I hope you like.
This is a tree I made and I used soft bottle tops..I covered them with Christmas material and glued them to a tree.

Dont you just love Christmas and all the pretty things that go with it.Enjoy looking my friends..
Goodnight and see you soon....love ya.
Glenda. xoxoxoxoxo


Sebbe said...

I'm in love with that christmas town! :D
// Sebbe

J Leona said...


I like all your Christmas crafts especially the snowmen. I love snowmen. You have a very nice blog!

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kc_froglady said...

you have a lot of really great Christmas ornaments!

Bride2Be said...

i love your snowmen/women! very cute holiday decor:)


Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Love the snowmen! looks so pretty and festive! merry christmas! go check out my blog for the other party girls!!