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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some of my dolls,
I went to our op shop for a quick look the other day and I found the most amazing little dolls.I had to buy all of them cause I didn't want them to be lonely without each other.I have many many dolls some of them from when I was small that Mum and Dad gave me.I always get a doll for my birthday and if I'm been a good girl Santa will bring me one too.I have always loved dolls and I think when I was little my dolly was my best friend in times of sadness.
This little dolly is only 3inches high and I cant wait to make her some clothes.
These two are small as well at only 5inches tall and I have 4 more of them,so now I have a little collection of them.

This one had a little dress and isn't she so cute.A cuddle for her.

This one is I think my best deal she only cost me $1.00 and I think she is so pretty, Look at her freckles also she is quiet tall so I'm hoping to make or buy her a pretty outfit to suit her pretty face.

How could I not buy this little cutey, isn't she so cute with her little smile and those beautiful eyes.She even has little teeth.Now she needs a prettier outfit and she is done

This little doll I had to have.I love her little outfit which was all ready made for her.Love the hat.
This dolly I was given to me by Santa.I love her to bits.She is so beautiful and has a cloth body so she can sit anyway you want her too.I have her dressed in my baby clothes that I use to wear when I was a baby.She is my pride and joy.

This is a doll I bought many years ago at a garage sale for $10 and now its worth an arm and leg.I found out that she was made in Germany by Grace S Putney who was a famous doll maker,so this is way she lives in a glass box.

This is Sandra. Santa gave her to me when I was a little girl.I have carried her around with me everywhere I went.My Mum made her a hugh wardrobe of clothes, shoes,handbags and lots of other bits and pieces to go with her outfits.She was better dress than me.She also has had 2 wigs the first one I cut and it never grow back so Santa gave me another one.I still have a lot of her clothes and shoes.

I found this little dude on the side of the road.How cute is this little doll.I need to find her some clothes as well.I think I will be quiet busy making little dolls clothes for awhile.
I also will be adding some new things to my etsy so go have a look. I hope you like looking at some of my dolls, I am going back to the op shop on Saturday cause they are having a sale where you fill a bag for $5 and one can shove a lot into one bag.The move you bags you buy the more money you give so I cant wait.
Thanks for coming and I hope you come back soon.

love ya Glenda. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Rose Petals & Blooms said...

Oh Glenda!! I'm in love with all your little sweeties!! I don't think I could possibly pick a favorite! I was only allowed one baby growing up, which I've never parted with and still have to this day, he is Chatty Boy~ He doesn't chat anymore, but he's as cute as a button. I gave him to my grandaughter when she was 2 and she still has him! My grandaughter will turn 18 in April, and intends to give Chatty boy to her first child.. Hopefully not in the very near future!!! lol..

Oh I wish we had a shop that had a promotion like yours! I guarantee I'd be filling that bag to the brim, and then some! lol..

Thanks oodles for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment, it's much appreciated! I love new visitors! Stop by anytime, and I will do the same Glenda~

Big hugs to you,

{raisingAlexis} said...

oh my gosh, that's a lot of dolls! they are all so sweet though.

I never had my own doll growing up so I made sure my girls had some!

I am so glad I joined the bog swap, I am finding some new blogs that are so interesting!

Venom said...

Hi Glenda!
Thanks for sending me your link - I've had a nice visit here on your site. Such a lot of girly things - pretty & sweet.

Growing up my favourite doll was Walking Wendy - she was 4 ft tall and of course, you could make her walk. I'm not sure what happened to her, though I do remember all my cousins playing with her as well.

I love your mini horse Timmy - I have horses too (no minis).