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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here are some of my art work and I would like to share them with you,This first one is my Volvo SW motor which I painted the air cooler cover, It was a boring black so I painted roses and leaves on it and trimmed it with pink paint,I so loved it that when my Volvo died I took off the cover and it hangs on the wall in the shed,.It was the talk of the town and the best looking Volvo in town,. After watching Nemo on DVD I decided to Mosaic the bathroom walls with a nemo design which I draw myself,. It took lots of bits of broken tiles to make it but it looked great when it was finished and I ended up doing the whole bathroom,.
This is my toilet which I painted with a pretty scenery of beautiful coloured trees and flowers with a white picket fence and archway,On the bottom is an old cottage with lots of flowers and trees around it,.

This is my front door,It has lots of sunflowers and daisies with pretty bird houses and a welcome sign to go with it

The rest of my bathroom walls

This is Glenn's mums hopper which she once used to watch there cloths and after many years of nagging mum to give it to me she finally did so I Mosaic on it and was very happy with the way it turned out,.I added broken cups and used the handles to hang things on, I filled it with water and put some fish in it,.
I found this old toilet on the side of the road when we were having a clean up so I put it in the car,. so heavy. and took it home you should of seen Glenn's face when I lifted it out of the car until I added broken tiles and cups, plates and whatever other stuff I had laying around,he couldn't believe how good it came up.,

I love to Mosaic but it takes such a long time to do one job that I only do it in winter in my shed while listening to the footy on the radio, I have done heaps of different things like pots,walls,trays,and done a few things with coloured glass and used them to burn candles in., These look very pretty at night as the flame brings the coloured glass alive,.Looks great at Christmas time too,.
Hope you like what you see and good night love yah
Glenda xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Cottage Rose said...

You need to come and join us in our blog spring fair, your goodies are just perfect! Pop over and read my post about it, Oct 10th is the date ( at this stage)

Kristen said...

I LOVE your Nemo Mosaic, it turned out beautiful!
I had to laugh about you picking up the toilet off the side of the road~ I do the same with old abandoned doors...my kids are usually horrified, now I'll tell them it could be worse, I could be picking up toilets :)

BeckyKay said...

Amazing work! I wouldn't want to stand still for too long next to you. You might paint or mosaic me! LOL!

You're bathroom is really nice!!

Kiwi Littleoak said...

All of that is completely amazing! I love that you even did your toilet! That makes the bathroom so much more enjoyable, when the toilet is more than just an ugly utilitarian object in the room! I can't believe you managed to make those toilets PRETTY, into true works or art!

Reminds me of how I've always had the idea that when I have a house, far far in the future when I finally decide to settle, I would love to make a strange floral arrangement in the front that centres around a toilet with something planted inside.

I love the mosaics and the paintings! The Volvo one made me laugh. I used to have a Volvo. It certainly wasn't the prettiest in town--it just stalled a lot at the end of its life!

- Kiwi / CarbonxKiwi (SB)

Amy Mathers said...

Hello Glenda,
I love your mosaic work and paintings. Your beautiful bathroom reminds me of my Nana's bathroom with her painted sink and ivy painted on the walls.
I've never tried mosaics, but in my own artwork I love taking apart things I've made in the past to create new pieces. Mosaic artwork strikes me as being like that too, taking the pieces of something and making them into something new. I love the creativity of it.

anwyn said...

wow some great mosaics! looks great and i only imagine how much time and patience you will need to do this!

Linda said...

The air cleaner cover is gorgeous.