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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hiya guys I am so sorry that I have not been on for a couple days but I lost everything on my computer and yes every bloody thing.,I still cant get emails., I only just got my email to get into blog,. I have to load everything back on and I am not sure where some of my discs are to reload which is driving me insane.,Someone pushed the delete button and just like that gone,.I am too scared to turn my computer off now,.
Some good news is that I had a great weekend and my back verranda is build and is so lovely sitting out there.,Everyone went home and its just me amd hubby and wow its so quiet,.
Until tomorrow dont let the bedbugs bite,. love ya all glenda

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Jan said...

Hi Glenda,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Pink? I have three little granddaughters and two of them adore pink. "What colour would you like me to make you some more socks?" says grandma. "any colour," was teh reply. "So long as it's pink."

Caring for someone chronically ill is hard work, physically and emotionally. Take care of yourself too.