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Friday, October 2, 2009

wow day 2 all ready do you know its only 80 something days to Christmas,pretty scary hay,.

Its raining and storming outside and if it rains it will be weeks since we had any and my brother is coming up to build me a back awing, which I have had planned for ages and it rains this weekend.,,.

Its also footy grand final this weekend and we have visitors from Newcastle so its them who bought the rain with them,

Hope everyone is having fun with the blogs I have made a visit to some but hope to get to them all over the next month,.

See you tomorrow, the rain is starting to get heavy yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

goodnight and don't let the bedbugs bite, love ya all Glenda., xoxoxoxoxoxo


Sherrin said...

Rain! Lovely! Enjoy... there's not enough of it these days.

trashalou said...

Rain? Woohoo!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hey Glenda,
Have fun building your awning.
We can't have you sitting out in the sun for another hot summer.

2paw said...

We have had only 5 days without rain since July 1, but rain without wind is fine!!!I am pretty sure there should be a rule about scaring people with the '80 days till Christmas'!!!!