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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Here is my home, read below to see whats going on with it., Not happy.,






I am still trying to get my roof fixed and I think I will have to do it myself because my insurance comp wont fix it for me., They will fix the inside, like paint the walls, put down new carpet, fix anything that has been damage and will keep doing it forever., Wouldn't you think that they would put the money towards getting the roof fixed.,Its all getting to much , this has been going on since last Feb the 14Th so that's almost a year and my poor little home still looks like crap.,We have a nice new lounge room and keep your fingers crossed it stays that way., I am going to show you some of the problems and maybe you can tell me why my insurance comp wont replace my roof or at least fix it so it wont leak again,.                                             
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Thanks for coming and Goodnight and dont let the bedbugs bite, love ya all Glenda


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Glenda,
Oh dear me, that is terrible.
I don't understand why the insurance Co. won't fix the root of the cause=have they actually been out to see it?
Good luck. Sorry I don't have any suggestions.

Craft-a-licious said...

I wish I knew what you could do to fix the problem Glenda, it's terrible that you have to live with all that water damage. And the insurance company is just throwing money out the window by replacing new carpet and such when the problem is ongoing. Sometimes I think they don't have a clue at all! My Dad lives in the country and I know that he barters goods for services and vice versa. Is there a way you could do something like that?
Whatever happens I hope you can get everything fixed soon....

Craft-a-licious said...
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gauci123 said...

hope you solve your problem good luck..interesting site from swap

shafarina said...

Oh I hope by now you have them all fixed. It's a lot of work right.

And insurance company is the devil itself. :)