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Friday, July 16, 2010

Look at this cute little darling.
This is Shaunie the Sheep.
She is only a couple days old and is one of twin who's mum didn't want 2 so she kicked this one out,.
As soon as I heard I was off the save her from death,I bought her home named her Shaunie.
Isn't she so cute.

First visit outside, of course she is living inside and loving  the heater,

How could I not take her, she would of died if she had to spent another night outside and being by herself.


The dogs and cats were a little worried when she came in and sat down in front of the heater, That's where they sit, So after a few growls and noises from the cats everyone settled down into front of the heater all8 of them and as you guessed it there was no room for me and Glenn.,


On our last trip to Newcastle we went to the beach, I miss the smell of salt air and the sand between my toes.Love this stone, I wonder how long it has been in the ocean and why did it come from in the first place,.

Look at the beautiful blue water and it was so clean and smelt so good.I was always at the beach when I was growing up. I have the scars on my back from the sunburn I got after I feel asleep to prove it,.

hope you like my new little addition to my farm family, I am sure all my other animals are going to love her as much as me.,thanks for dropping by and don't let the bed bugs bite, until next time love ya all love,. Glenda  xoxoxoxoxoxo


The Stitch Sleuth said...

Well, what a sweet little lambiekins! Good luck with her.

April said...

your lamb (?) is adorable...good for you, I don't think I could do that :) it is super cute though

April "Be my blog follower on Blogger" rainbowafterrain81

Laura "Lala" said...

Oh that lamb is soooooooo adorable.

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Katie said...

she's the sweetest thing! how good of you to take her in :)

This is kateandoli from swap-bot, now following!

<3, Katie

Aimee Dars said...

How adorable! I'm so glad you saved her! I've seen a pig and a calf that young, but not a sheep!

Aimee (darzy30 on swapbot) - Be My Blog Follower


What a lucky little lamb! Blessings! LADYHIGHTOWER (swap-bot)

mireillie said...

awww what a cute baby. i love sheep~ i wish i could keep a lamb too @-@

Kelly Lynn said...

Your photos are beautiful! I love your little lamb! I'm so glad you save it - poor little thing!!

kellylynn9 - swap-bot

Amanda said...

What a darling little lamb! How sweet of you! My name is Amanda aka Nomorerain3 on Swap-Bot. I am in the "follow me" swap and you are one of my partners. Your site is so cutesie! I love it. I am now following. Have a wonderful week!

Glenna Normyle said...

Hi there! I love that little lamb of yours. This is Glenna from glennasgarden. I am your Swap bot partner and I will be following you too. I added a clock to my blog the purple antique mirror...neat widget! Have a wonderful day!

Laura Pallatin said...

I enjoyed your trip to the ocean. I was planning to go this week and, sadly, the trip fell through. Thank you for sharing yours with us!
laura P.

angeldiva said...

Oh how cute and sweet!!! How kind of you to save her and love her, she is adorable!! Do sheep make good pets? :D

Also I found my way to your blog via swapbot from the I'm a Blogger Follow Me swap and my user id on swapbot is angeldiva

Now to read some more of your posts!!! :)

Elizabeth said...

oh wow that water is beautiful! And the little lamb is so adorable :) Following you from the Blog Me Baby swap on Swap-Bot! ~Liz (lizzibeth226)

Lesley said...

These little guys are too cute!

Kathy said...

I'm glad you're taking care of Shaunie!

Kathy (karuma)
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Deidre said...

Cute Lamb! So adorable, hope the dogs and cats adjust! I am one of your partners for the Blog Me Baby swap on swapt bot - Deidreart


Trulyana said...

What a very kind thing to do! I trust Shaunie is very grateful to have you as you are her. Many blessings of good will to you, and your animals. Love from AnaGoncalves on Swap Bot - Blog me, baby.

billiemonster said...

you are an absolute angel for taking in that adorable little lamb. wow, brings a tear to my eye! so cute. {billiemonster from swap-bot 'blog me baby' swap}

Sugar Pink Boutique said...

God bless you for saving that precious little lamb! She is so blessed to have you rescue her!