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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sorry I have not been here much but bewteen the roof, the hubby and the rest of the stuff going on I have been hiding under a rock but I am back now to bore the pants off you,. So I hope you enjoy reading this,.
I will be having a GIVEAWAY soon since I have reached 102 Followers and cause I love it when you visit me,.I will work out some yummy gifts and get back to you soon,.Thank you
Fields of Gold,.,.,.
Isn't this a beautiful sight. Its the Canola fields just before you get to Werris Creek,.
We have had so much rain in the last few months that all the crops are blooming and now that the heat of Spring is coming it will only get better,.
These photos were taken before the last lot of rain , so keep going down to see what the paddock looks like now,.
I am not a yellow colour person but how could I not love the look of this,.Which I do.,,.,.

Now look at this for colour and there are paddocks and paddocks of yellow everywhere,.

What a great country we live in,.
God's Country

From this crop we will have Oil and Margarine and heaps of other things to make our life good,.So the next time you cook your chips or deep fry the fish this is what it use to look like before it was oil,.Cool hay
 dont let the bed bugs bite and do drop in again,.love ya all Glenda    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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