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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Remember my kitchen that I painted and fixed up after the rain damaged it,.over at  Whitney's  blog she is having another I made it without my hubby post. This is what I made without my hubby, My hubby is very handy with lots of different trades but he is the boss always with a big B which makes it not so comfy working together, so its sometimes easier to do it my way which means I have to do it myself,.And heaven help me if I need help, I wouldn't ask for any reason.  lol...
My kitchen is great I love it all. Still waiting on lino for floor but I got my new light up and connected.,

 Here is how my light started out.. I found it on the side of the road in a old wet box.Me being me I had to bring it home.It was ugly and it was brown and I just spent a week getting rid of all traces of brown from my kitchen so it was not going to be hanging in my pretty pink and blue kitchen.,.,

 I pulled it all apart very carefully,.,.
 Here it is looking very naked.
 I had to put all the pieces in 5 different bowls so none of the pieces got missed up.,,.

 Here is the finished light, all painted and primed and hanging gracefully in my beautiful kitchen,.,. I loveeeee it so much. The light man who came to put it in couldn't understand why I had such a light, ha but what would he know he doesn't cook!!!!

 I went to spotlight, big w and k mart to get all the  beads and gems to decorate it with.It took awhile to get it just right and then I had to glue everything in place, It seem to take ages but it was worth it,..,

 Isn't it pretty and it puts out heaps of light too.,I would never of thought about putting this kind of light in my kitchen but wow I am sooooooooo glad I did,.,.and all without my hubby yahhhhhhhhhhhhh such a clever little vegemite I am,..

Go take a look at all the other clever ladies on                   blog,.
Thanks for coming and hope you enjoy.,,.Love you all and don't let the bed bugs bite.. good night and come again soon,.,.love yas. Glenda   xoxoxoxoxooxo


Joy Burkhart, IBSSG said...

I love it! I would never have thought to use pink, blue, and white in a kitchen, but you've made it work! You did a super job on the light - wow, what a beautiful difference!


Anonymous said...

I love this project! It's super bold and pretty. I'm a sucker for awesome lighting fixtures. :) Hollychihuahua on SB

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

WOW! You did such awesome job with that chandelier. I love the new look, GORGEOUS!!!
Blessings, Wendy