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Sunday, June 5, 2011

   Super Macro,.,.,.,.

... I found this super macro on my camera and have been having fun with it ever since.
The first photo is a bug on a button, the button is only 1 inch wide. Its so cool I have been running around  the back yard taking photos of everything I could.,Such good fun.

My berry tree, it is always so pretty at this time of the year. It has these pretty bright red berries in Autumn and beautiful bright green leaves in summer.

 and here they are in close up. a bit crumbly but still pretty cool.

Check out the makings on the little leaf and the crosses on each berry.Pretty awesome hay,.
 This is a flower from a gum tree, we have lots of birds live in this tree cause the flower is so sweet,.

this is a wattle tree flower.
 This is amazing it is a piece of  old foam box,

 and closer

 and still closer, you can even see the  shapes of the pieces that make up the foam,. Soooooooooooo amazing, I love my new super macro,.

Hope you enjoy these photos and I will have more for you to see next time.
Until them have an awesome week and hope all you do works out for you and God bless,.
 love yah all Glenda  xoxoxoxoxoxo


Clare said...

Lovely photos!
The super macro is my favourite button on my camera :)

Anonymous said...


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