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Saturday, September 17, 2011

 Car boot sale,
look what I got today from my local church car boot sale,.
 I always go when its on, the last months sale I got a few gourds so I was hoping that there would be more, but there wasn't. Its cool cause the lady who sells the gourds was there and she has quiet a few to sell, so tomorrow I am off to visit her. I want to paint snowmen and Santa's on them.
This is what I got today, isn't it cute. I am going to paint it pink and add some flowers. cost 10 cents,.
 don't you love this little white birdie. It cost me $1. She is painted pink now and should look lovely in her new home,. ( show you later ).


 Check out this kettle, Its was only $1.50 and its brand new. Its too hot for the fire now but come next winter it will sure pay for itself 100 times over,.

 These little cups are so pretty I just had to have them. Not sure what to do with them,.only 50cents each. They are so pretty,.

 Look at this great little vase, it has a ribbon on the back to hang up and as you can see I already have it hanging up with a little plant in it, only $1.50. I love it.

beautiful flowers .

 look at these ones, I love the pinks and mauve's.

 The bowl the flowers are sitting in is so pretty. it is shaped like a water Lilly.

 pretty whites and yellows.

 great new life for an old pair of boots,.

hope you like my great finds. Thanks for going by , luv ya's goodnight and don't let the bedbugs bite,
                                                 Glenda  xoxoxoxoxo


Pat said...

The little birdie is so tweet!

Anonymous said...

Love your little finds, and your blog is so girly-cute. I just joined Pink Saturday and love all the pretty inspiration I am finding.

The Southern Fried Bride said...

Love this post! New follower from Pink Saturday!

krizia said...
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krizia said...

I really like this post, it's so creative! I will definitely come to visit you again!

krizia from "blog swap"

frecklessobe said...

These are so cute and crafty!! New follower from blog swap!

Amelia (frecklessobe on swapbot)

A Visit With Mrs T said...

I am from Swap-bot with the swap "Promoting your blog"!
Love your boots! Am now following!
Mrs T

ArtLover said...

oh i love vintage items

Azed from swap-bot "blog swap"

JC said...

Those are really great finds! I love the egg cups especially!

Will follow your blog in a minute :)

sgheartswaps (SwapBot)

Anonymous said...

That teapot is great! Greetings from Azhuresjewels at swap-bot

bluecrayons said...

lovely finds. like the first boot. i painted the same bird blue and green.

bluecrayons on swapbots blogger swap

MrS. E said...

Absolutely love your finds! That little boot is darling, and I love you teapot plant holder, I got one simular from a thrift store her a little while ago!
~ Elysia via swap-bot Blogger Swap!!

Mayje said...

Hi! This is Mayje from the Blogger Swap over Swap-bot. I love the great finds you have. I also love your blog in general, it's so lovely! Best regards!

amber renee said...

Ooo I just love flowers and I love the bird. :)

craftingwithstyle said...

Love the little pedestal cups. They'd be so sweet filled with flowers in the springtime!

patricias fabric art said...

I just love "finds" like these-the little bird is cute I paid 15 euro for one like that in laura ashley!!

patricias fabric art said...

I'm blackbird 4 (left last comment)from gain commente swapbot