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Monday, June 9, 2008

My rain boots have come out of hiding since we had rain last week.Mud everywhere and dont I hate it.You stand to long and you start to sink and with black dirt it sticks to your shoes and by the time you have walked down the back and back again you have grown 10 foot tall.

I didn't paint these I bought them incase it rained and it did we got nearly 60 ml..Now everything is started to green up and Glenns wheat is lovely and green and growing..I might even start a garden again..If the heat doesn't kill everything the frost does so now we have buckets of water everyway we might be able to grow some flowers.
Look at Roesy how much has she grown,,she can have babies soon and I cant wait to have little grandpiggies running around everywhere.
I think I have my blog under controll now so I'm not touching anything anymore and hopefully I can post better too...
Good night,,,,love ya's Glenda


Dolly said...

Hi Glenda,
I love your new banner!

Aw What a sweet picture of Miss Rosey! She looks very happy!

I tagged you.... come by my blog when you can!

Have a great weekend,
Hugz, Dolly


YAY its all fixed!!!! woooo hooo im doing a happy dance ! A little birdie told me she helped you fix it all.
Look at Rosey, she is a cutie patootie! Love her!

And the new banner is AWESOME !

Love Shann xo

Sharon Ellery said...

Love the gum boots! I have yet to put up pictures of my parasol and paper gifts from you on my blog - photos still stuck on my camera. I will endeavour to do so asap.


Shelbez said...

Hi Glenda,
I like your blog. I am a new blogger. I've had my blog for about 1 month.
Shelby (: