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Friday, July 25, 2008

LOOK WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING YAAAAAAAA I have been doing a bit of recycling lately and I have spent a bit of time making some clever things.
I took my teabag box cause its a great box to start with and covered it with some pretty paper and flowers and sorts.Inside I made cards for it and added my friends names so it makes it easier than trying to find my old address book.I think its pretty cool,dont you and its another thing that didn't end up in the dump....
This is a matchbox I covered and filled with pretty rainbow colours for a swap with swap-bot. And this is great even if I do say so myself==it use to be a ribbon spool and once the ribbon is use what to do instead of throwing in the bin I turned it into a small scrapbook,,,this one was my first but since then I have made quiet a few using photos of family and Roesy my pig.
Here it is closed up..You can do so much with one of these and they would make great gifts and everyone has a ribbon spool or two...

These are my Bobby dolls I made,the 2 in the middle are for Breanna my niece she has just turned 11 and has Downs Syndrome so I put bells on them cause she loves the sound of bells..All her dolls and toys have bells, she was also born with a Cleft Pallet and I thinks the bells help her to communicate with everyone..or it could be to drive her Mum insane with all that noise lol...
My snowman I painted for Christmas in July, and the other side is a Gingerbread man or lady.

This is my matchbox tower,,I keep all my seen beads in it but I think its getting abit top heavy,,The other is 5 on each side both not quiet finished yet.Another item not heading for the dump..YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I have started to make these Dotee Dolls that I seen in swap-bot.Some of them are quiet weird looking..I made this for a swap I was doing.

This is my first chunky page,They are very big in swapping and you have a few partners so when you are finished you end up with a little book made from people around the world..I think its pretty cool idea.My first lot were on fishing and had to make 5 to send away and 1 for me to keep.

these are my first ATCs cards they are very big in swapping as well.

Hope you all enjoyed looking at some of the thiings I have been making,, I'm turning into a clever little chook I am..
Soon I will show you my Roses i have been painting and I'm having a tea party which I will explain so .
love ya Glenda


Anonymous said...

I love your gingerbread face & snowman face they are soooooooooooo cute well done Glenda

Shelbez said...

Hello Glenda,

I was wondering if you could go on my dads blog and coment hes not such a big hit you no any way its


i no in no its a weird name isnt it any way please bye

love shelby (: