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Monday, July 28, 2008

Now for the food and the flowers for our tables. What shall we eat,,well one must have Scones and cream and jam,,Cucumber sandwiches with no crust,, we shall eat Fairy cakes and Strawberries dipped in chocolate and we must have Tim Tams and Fairy Cloud cake and maybe some Mini Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake..

Yummy look at all these yummy yummy cakes,,slices and scones..

Now what flowers will we use, I think I shall have Daisies,,Roses of all shades.,bridal vale and carnations,,what ever ones heart desires.
Next the Hats and Dresses to wear to our Tea Party,....
Just some little bits to add==== When reading tea leaves one must drink all their tea then tip cup upside down to drain before turning it right way up..If you see a===
Triangle== it means inheritance, Ladder== Promotion, Star== Good luck, Ring== Marriage, Tree== happiness, Dog== Good Friend, Umbrella== Shelter... and now a little verse for you,,
; Remember the Tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water,yet it still sings...
; Love and Scandal are the best sweeteners of Tea...
; Matrons, who toss the cup,and see the grounds of fate in grounds of Tea..
good night for now love ya s Glenda

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Shelbez said...

Hey this looks yummy,

i was wondering if you could go to my dadas blog its www.4runnersr5.blogspot.com

by shelby (: