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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ok its time to get dressed and this is what I'm wearing,,I'm not sure on which hat I will wear.We have to choose one for tomorrow is the date we will have our Tea Party.

A few cups to see us through until then.
A couple of questions to test your knowledge a bit..
** Can you name 4 varieties of Tea that you can buy at the supermarket..
**Name 5 yummy things to eat with your Cup of Tea..
**Name 5 brands of China eg;Royal Dalton...
**Do you drink your Tea from a mug or cup..
so until tomorrow I will see you then
love ya s Glenda


Shelbez said...

Your tea party sounds fun and cool cheek my blog i have a tea party and its very cool so cheek it out

maryanne said...

Hi Glenda, I don't have a blog to play along but your posts have got me very tempted.I can answer your questions anyway:4 tea varieties:Ceylon,Darjeeling,Earl Grey and Orange Pekoe.;5 yummy things( this is easy):crumpets and honey, scones with cream so thick you can stand a spoon up in it and homemade jam,vanilla slice, cream buns and lemon cake.;5 brands of china:Wedgewood, Spode, Portmeirion, Royal Albert,and Villeroy and Boch.;I drink my tea out of a mug-a huge one in the morning but in the afternoon if I'm feeling ladylike I do have a special cup and saucer I actually bought from an opshop and it's very delicate and pretty.I just LOVE afternoon tea- and I love to do a big fancy spread sometimes.I also love teashops.Wish I had a blog to have fun posting some pictures! love MaryAnne

Tao Of Craft said...

I love these tea sets! So pretty! It makes me want to have a tea party!