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Friday, September 12, 2008

Roesys day out..

Rose has gone away for a couple of weeks to get married so she can have a baby==piglet== Its a very exciting time for me as I will become a Nana to my Rosey babies. Just look at that face;; O WHY ME She likes her new hubby. We are building a new pen for her for when she comes home, we have to add a special light so the babies will stay warm all the time.

Here is Roesy new man,he is a prize pig and has won many blue ribbons for hie beauty,, ya honest he is a very handsome pig in the pig world. He has many little piglet running around. Yes quiet a catch!

Here she is with her pumpkin I took down to her for a treat.

This is Roesy first day out from her pen. We let her run around the back paddock where she headed straight down to see Tiny or little horse.

Here they are sharing in a feed from Glenn,I think Roesy is getting the most.

O what a day she had and she came back and sleeped right through the night just like a good girl.We took her out for a few days before she went down to the other farm to find her man.I miss her so much and I cant believe how quiet it is without her running around the back yard.She should be home soon and hopefully pregnant and than the fun will start.I will let you know every step so you dont miss anything.
I want to say hello to a little special friend of mine, her name is India.Hello sweet hope you are well.


Dolly said...

Aw Rosey is growing so fast!
And going to be a momma already!
How sweet!

I love seeing her out exploreing!

I hope she has lots of babies...
I would love to have one of Miss Roseys babies!

Thanks for shareing Glenda!

Hugz, Dolly

Jules said...

Aww piglets i cant wait,does that mean i am a Blog Auntie.Hope your teethy troubles are better Glenda


Oh my gosh thats the sweetest thing i ever read! Your gonna be a granma! Thats so precious Glenda!
Rosey is so gorgeous (i kinda like pigs too, they are awesome) and her 'man' is rather dashing isnt he!
oooh i wanna see piccies of those lil piggies when she has them.

Oh hey i must sincerely apologise to you because i think i forgot to email you and tell you i received your beautiful thankyou tag. I just loved it Glenda and its hanging on my Memory Board in my office where only the 'special stuff' goes :)
So thankyou again, so much, it was so sweet of you.

oh and best of luck with our giveaway!

Love Shann xx

Jules said...

well come on a rosey update is waiting.Tell the news !