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Saturday, September 27, 2008

My little Rock town.

I painted these on rocks that I found down the creek. I have made a little town with houses, school, church,,farm houses etc. This is my little church,I named it New Hope and it has one little gravestone,it use to have quiet a few but they have slowly disappeared over the years.
this is my school,every town needs a school.

a view of some of the town.
other houses. This is Glennrock where everything is green and happy with lots of animals that room around without a care in the world..O what a life..

Here are the rest. I'm in the middle of painting a craft store and a hotel and a few other little shops to go in my town. I love painting little houses they are such fun and painting on rocks can be a challenge to find a rock and make up a pattern for the house you want to create.Hope you enjoy looking ...
cheers Glenda xoxoxox


Jules said...

How sweet and out of creek rocks lol.Glad there is going to be a craft store or i wouldnt want to live there.I didnt see a macdonalds hehe

T.Allen-Mercado said...

What a great idea! I love your rocks.

renee said...

Glenda, you are really talented! This is fantastic!!

renee said...

(It's giraffeandrabbti, btw)