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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Little Houses. Little Houses Everywhere...

Here are some of the little houses that I have painted,I really enjoy painting them, with these houses I have made them into little streets. They have Churches, Craft store, hotels.
Here is the school and the church.
These ones are our Aussie houses, with the tractors and the gum trees even with the little rock gardens.

This little street has all the shops and a pub, school, church and even a car and trailer.
Pub and craft shop.
Barns from around my town and Glenn's little Fergie.
more barns around town.
will have some more next time,maybe some Christmas and gingerbread ones. I have also started to make some Glitter houses just need to paint and glitter.
Goodnight,, love ya Glenda.. xoxoxoxox

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