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Friday, November 21, 2008

My Christmas Eggs..........

Here are some of my Eggs that I made for Christmas.. This is an Emu egg which I cut around the tree so I could put in Santa and his reindeers, I also decorated tree with little coloured rhinestones and glitter.
Here is an Goose egg with little fake red rubies and gold trim with a gold statue of the Holy One.

Here is the front of the Egg with gold netting and gold trim with lovely little gold hangers to open the doors.

This shot is better as you can see the snow inside of the egg and I tried this one with red,gold beads and braids and added a few stars to the back of the white after I painted it blue.

Here is my Dove on tree branch egg.This is a Goose egg and I cut out the front and added pretty red flowers and green leave which have been attach to the egg.

Here you can see the pattern in which I cut the front of the egg,I have used red beads and lots of glitter to decorate the front..On the back I have cut out tiny lines to allow the light in.

Inside the egg I have added two cute little snow doves sitting on a branch covered in snow.

Hope you enjoy looking at my Eggs I made for Christmas.
Good night love ya Glenda


Anonymous said...

wow, your eggs are fantastic! Is this the way Faberge became famous? When I win Powerball I will get you some real gems for your eggs.

Jacinta (JDH)

Elizabeth said...

These are awesome!! I have always wanted to try eggs. I hope when I do they look half as nice as your ones :)

Anonymous said...

Glenda, as with all of your gorgeous crafts these are lovely...I can't even pick a favorite, I love them all :) Do you have an etsy store?

Jules said...

I knew you were clever,wow great eggs my fav is the little snowdove one suitable as it is snowing in the mountains here at present,

KarenHarveyCox said...

The Christmas eggs are stunning. I love each one, especially the one with Santa inside. You create gorgeous things. Thank you for adding your name to the Christmas Fair. Karen

bj said...

These are so fantastic...my mom used to make tree ornaments out of decorated hen eggs...so sweet.
thanks much for sharing.

renee said...

Glenda - these are gorgeous!!
How did you learn to do this?

You should think about selling on etsy. They;re stunning and the photos are great too!

Also -- where do you find your eggs from?!?! They all sound so exotic..do you have a pet emu?

Renee (giraffeandrabbti)

CC said...

Such beautiful, beautiful Christmas eggs. I so enjoyed seeing them..

tammiemarie said...

What beautiful eggs!

Sebbe said...

Oh, they are so beautiful, it's like a mix of easter and christmas! :D
Merry Christmas everyone!!!