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Monday, November 24, 2008

More of my Eggs for you to see,.,.,.,.

Here is my Autumn Egg, it has a little owl sitting inside,the roses I made from bread dough and painted them a lighter shade of the egg colour, and it stands on a base with other handmade roses and flowers. Here it is closed, all the flowers are punch flowers with little beads for centers

Here is my duck egg with a little swan on a pretend lake.It also has little flowers all over the top of it with little pearls inside.

A closer look

This is one of my favourits, it has pink pearls and gold thread across the front with gold braid.
Inside I lined it with satin to make it soft,These little eggs make great jewell boxes or somewhere to put your gems.

This is a duck egg which took me hours of cutting slowly so it wouldn't break.They are very soft and easy broken.
I put lace inside and on the outside I put delicate little flowers and gold briad.

This is one of the rattles that I have made,,I have done all colours and with any design Makes a great keepsake for your babies birth.

Here is my book egg. It has a hinge to hold it open and I decorate it so it looks like a open book.

Instead of the bear I have put the babies name, date of birth and this makes it a beautiful gift for a new mum and dad.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at my eggs. I have a few more to show you so come back in a couple of days and see some more.
Thank you for all the lovely comments you have sent it fills my heart with joy, thank you and goodnight...............
love ya Glenda


Anonymous said...

These are all so beautiful glendas. You should be really proud of them. from libralady

renee said...

These are STUNNING!!!

I love that pink and gold one.

Oh my goodness have you ever thought about selling these????? Even online or something? How much would you sell them for?


Mary / Mariah said...

Wow so pretty , Your doing so good .Your blog is so pretty . You can come and do mine . I'm sorry I haven't been here lately . I need to blog and comment more , been so busy . I'm going to look at the rest of your Blog .
Have a good day sweetie . I miss you .

pgk said...

Glenda, I just came by and wanted to see your updated blog. Oh my goodness girl, your eggs are so pretty! Your detailed work is done so nicely. Your painting is also very well done...you amaze me!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness!! These are so amazing!! I popped over here from Swap-bot and I'm going to leave here feeling very envious of your talent! And what about those Xmas eggs!! Girl you are just oozing talent!! Sooooo awesome. I'm off to take another peek.

Sebbe said...

The swan egg was really beautiful, loved it. :)