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Friday, November 28, 2008

Some more Eggs.....

Here is one of my favourite,I cut out and hinged an Ostrich egg. After that I decorated the egg glued it to a bear which I pulled apart and glued back together using the egg as her belly.

Inside I made a Teddy bear picnic. I use a pretty little ornament of 2 little bears and added flowers and glasses.

This is a bit clearer for you to see.

This Egg is my Tree egg.In this one I cut out the egg to look like a tree, I painted it the colour of a tree too.

Inside I made a little bird bath and a bird feeder and I sat a little girl on a chair just sitting an enjoying herself..

I also add gum nuts around the bottom of the base so they will blend in nicely..

Now this one was tricky to make..It has a butterfly inside.So I painted it to become a garden and also inside I put lots of flowers.

Under the base of the egg I have put a clock which runs by battery and pushed up through the egg a piece of wire with a butterfly on top.So every time the clock ticks it turns the butterfly around looking like it is flying.

My butterfly egg

This is my Indian egg,I have beaded all over the egg and painted it a darker colour.I also added beads all around the front of the egg one at a time,I didn't think I would ever finish.

inside I add a little Indian lady and I made a fire for her and added some small bits of wood and a straw broom.I also added some rocks and put calico on the walls for her.

Here are my baby bears,The eggs are quail eggs and I removed the bellies of the bears and added eggs that I have decorated with flowers.

they are quiet small....
I hope you have enjoyed looking at some of my Eggs I love making them and will show you more next year.
Next on my blog I will start to show you some of my Christmas stuff I have been making.
Goodnight and happy looking.....
love ya Glenda.


neca84 said...

Gosh Glenda, you are a really talented artist, I am ever so jealous, I wish I had a quarter of your talent, congratulations on the wonderful work. Carol x

renee said...

Glenda the butterfly flying trick is SO clever!!! These are beautiful, that butterfly one HAS to be my new favourite!

That teddy bear is gorgeous too!!

niss said...

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Glenda, you are very very crever.

Elizabeth said...

I really love the Bears! They are so good and really different. I will have to forward your link on to my mum, she used to love doing eggs when her eyes were better.

nifwlseirff said...

The tree egg is stunning!