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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hell on Earth : over 180 lives have been lost in this Hell.Its Australia's greatest natural disaster - a bushfire catastrophe worse than both Black Friday in 1939 and Ash Wednesday in 1983.
So many people lost theirs lives so many kids,mums,dads,uncles,aunts, sisters and brother and friends, just far too many..Hell's fury has been unleashed on Victoria said our Prime Minister Mr Rudd..None of us have seen the fury in the fire like these people. Entire towns have gone, over 750 homes have gone over 300,000 hectares have gone and fires are still burning
Someone did this for fun, just to see what would happen and its called Mass Murder and I think since we cant hang them we should let the people they destroyed make up the punishment for them. I sure it will be a good one.

It is all gone,the whole town.

This poor Koala was burnt and needed looking after. He is given a drink from a CFA worker.

Cars burnt where they crashed. RIP.

Flames went for miles high and nothing could stop theI'm sending all my love and prayers to the people of Victoria and hope things will heal soon.Please let them know that we are thinking of them and everyone who is hurt,grieving,helping and comforting them. My heart and thoughts are with you all.
love ya Glenda xoxoxoxoxo


Glenda said...

I have been following this un-natural disaster. It is unbelievable that someone thinks this is fun. I do hope they are caught. The news has said it's now over 200 people have lost their lives, most were given only 5 minutes to evacuate.

Thinking and praying all will be over soon.


Dawn said...

I have been watching this on the news over here in England and like you cannot understand how someone could even think about starting a fire and cause such devastation.
The stories of lives shattered, the hell that people have been put through are unbelievable...
I want to help by donating to the fund to help rebuild the town but when I tried this morning there had not been a way set up to do so, the Red Cross and Salvation Army were working on a way. There are so many people here in the UK wanting to help...

I hope they do catch whoever did this and as you say let the people who have suffered decide on the punishment, nothing could come close to what I would want to do!

I shall pray for all of the families xxx Dawn