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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good morning honey look what I found;;;
This is what Glenn gave me one morning last week for breakfast.I woke up to find him standing over the bed with this brown snake.He found it under the wood pile which he was clearing away.

Here it is in a bucket dead. It was 4.5 foot long and very scaring indeed.
Here are our babies which have grown so much.
just like their mum they all love the belly rubs.
big belly rubs..

here they are feeding on a big box of lettuce. They can eat now but still need mums milk.
Dont forget the OWOH giveaway below. and thanks for coming.love ya
Glenda xoxoxoxoxo


Merry said...

Now thats a scary find.

Dolly said...

I am creeeeeeped out!
I am not not not a snake liker!
Hate em!

Oh I would be so upset if hubby even bought that near me let alone into the house!

I can't believe how big the babies are getting already!
Hugz to Miss Rosie and Miss Dolly.

XO, Dolly

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Daisy

I had a run in with a brown the other week, I hate them, so aggro.
You have pigs, you lucky thing!!! I use to have a pet pig, Tiptoes but my hubby made me give her away as she ate everything including the trim on his car (she lived around my house)she thought she was a dog and would even bark every time someone came to our gate. She would fetch ball and do tricks, she was so smart.
Are you Aussie, where do you live?

Ok cross out the aussie q, u must ne to have brown snakes!