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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Its a very sad day here for me as I love Michael Jackson and I am going to miss him very much.,
................RIP...................... I will always listen to your music and may you have the peace in Heaven that you didn't get on Earth,.Love you Michael.,
xoxoxoxoxoxo ,..,.,


Glenda said...

Yes, Michael was one of a kind.


Glenda said...

thank you for your comment

Country Wishes said...

So very sad and unexpected... Rock on Michael.

Kiwi Littleoak said...

My friends at university didn't believe me when I told them that MJ had passed. =( They thought I was joking and had to go look it up, and then it was everywhere.

I got really sad. He was my childhood. We were always hearing about his antics and his being a Pop King. I'll miss him.

Rest in Peace and Love, Michael!

- Kiwi / CarbonxKiwi (SB)

Candice said...

I was suprised at how sad I was when I heard he'd died. I hadn't really thought about him in years. I couldn't watch the memorial service - hard to look at his children. Hopefully the media will leave them alone soon.

lovepossum said...

crazy times! i think it's probably time to get out some of his hits and listen them again!