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Friday, July 24, 2009

WOW what a great shop,. I found this amazing shop on the outskirts of Tamworth,. It is fill of the prettiest gifts, furniture, bric a brac you have ever seen and all kinds of styles like Vintage, Shabby Chic, Retro,. All colours and all sorts of beautiful things from dolls to soap and even a collection of Gollywogs, birdhouses, plates, sayings,flowers, cupboards, beds etc,. Everything you could thin of,I had the best time looking and looking, waliking around with my mouth open in ore of it all,. Beautiful dressing table,.

More soaps than you can poke a stick at and all different smells for the nose to be tempted.,

An amazing collection of beautiful aprons,.

Pretty white wheel borrow with beautful shappy chic pillows inside.,

Amazing collection of Gollywogs., mum, dad, and kids,

So pretty,.

Just look at the great stuff to put into your bathroom., towel racks,night stand trays, coat racks even cup holders,.,.

Isn't this cupboard so pretty,.,.
Everything in this shop is soooooooooo pretty and most things are priced really good so I know where to put my Christmas order in,.lol,.So I will have to be a good girl this year and make sure Santa knows where to go,.
Hope all is well with you all and thanks for coming

goodnight love ya Glenda xoxoxoxox


Country Wishes said...

Oh my !!! Lucky you, that looks like my kind of shop !!

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! I'm so envious! I wish we have a shop like that too here in my place. - Meian

BeckyKay said...

Oh my goodness! I could certainly see myself spending a very long time perusing that shop! What fun!

Natalie said...

It's hard to believe all of that lovely furniture and decoration was collected together in one shop. Beautiful pictures - they look like a photo spread in Victoria magazine!

Rochelle said...

I love the shabby chic look, what a fun store to shop at.

The Mully's said...

Cute shop! So.. I gotta know, where did you get your blogs background I've been looking for one forever! :)

Kiwi Littleoak said...

Wow, what a neat shop! I'd love to go there. I love exploring new shops. I'm glad you had a good time! Finding a shop that has fun stuff AND good pricing is always amazing! Congratulations! Finding a shop like that always deserves a good cheer!

- Kiwi / CarbonxKiwi (SB)

Candice said...

That shop is amazing! My husband would *hate* me if I dragged him there (too much "stuff"). Ha!

Grammie/Mom said...

I would love, love, love to find a shop like that in my area!!! Looks like you could spend a whole day having a treasure hunt here.


flynnfx said...

Wow - thanks for the great photos on that shop - it looks like a place where one could spend a lot of money on a lot of neat things!

I've added your blog to mine!
(msteidl from swap-bot)
blog : http://flynnsinn.blogspot.com/

lovepossum said...

what a gorgeous blog!

Simone said...

Very cool.
Love your layout - especially the butterflies.

From Swap- Bot

Sherri said...

Lovely shop-thanks for sharing! Isn't it fun to discover unique shops?