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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hi everyone, I'mmmmmmmmmmmmm backkkkkkkkkkk,.,. yay yay,. I hoping that this will fix the bugs in my computer for ever now and I can continue to blog away,.
I am sorry to the blogfest ladies that I havn't been able to blog so I will try and make up fpr it from now on,.
This is Maw Maw our cat who is hanging off the kitchen window to get a drink, her water container is on the floor but she was needing a drink right now and didn't have time to jump down.,
When do cats have babies, like what age and how long are they pregnant for, she has a big fat belly but not sure if she is pregnant., I love kittens they are so cute and cuddly.,
Besides the cat everyhting is ok on my little farm, Rosey is loving the rain we are having and has new mud holes everywhere and is now a black pig,. Our chichens think the duck is there mother and the duck, Mick, is just loving it , while Mother chook is off sitting on more eggs and so is Suzie Wong and Silky,. In the other cage Mothers baby has had her !st lot of babies, 5 of them to Sprike so they are browns, white and a mixture of both,. She is a good mum and he is a good dad,. Tiny our hurse is still a little snot and and he too is covered in mud from the rain and loving it,.I think everything else is fine and I am off to Tamworth tomorrow for some long over due shopping,.
I have not yet seen the shops with all the Christmas stuff in them so I cant wait till then,.Will go to Spotlight, Big W, KMart and a few op shops so it will be a big day,. Will leave at 8.00 so I get there early and not waste time driving and I will be having junk food for lunch and tea,. The best things about small towns is we have no Maccas, or KFC or pizzas or anything like that so when we do get to go to the big smoke I eat everything I can get in,.lol,.,.
Hope you enjoy reading and I will be back tomorrow so dnt let the bedbugs bite,.,. love ya Glenda.,,,,,.xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo

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Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

YOU HAVE A FABULOUS DAY SHOPPING AND EATING WONT YOU HEHECats can be as young as 5 to 6 months when they can have kittens so id say you may get some for xmas.cute cat/